3d Animation CreatorQuality 3D animation is what can separate a good company from a great company. It can be the difference in getting good business and getting great business. With 3D animations, a business can take its audience to places once reserved for the imagination. 3D animation can be used to enhance a proposal or presentation, promote a product using realistic visuals and create innovative advertisements. Sure, a company could have a quality product or service, but without having something that can grab the attention of prospective clients, just having a product or service may not be enough. 3D animation can be the piece missing that can change a “forgettable” company into one that sticks in the customer's mind.

Companies that use Microsoft’s clip art in PowerPoint presentations (or any type of proposal, really) should jump into 3D animation immediately. That watercolor-ish looking clip art of a man sitting at a desk is doing nothing for your company besides making you look completely out of touch and unusually old school. Including 3D animations in proposals and presentations makes a company look more modern. It can also aid in taking complex ideas and making them simple. A proposal or presentation can show more and say less with 3D animation. Clients don’t want to watch an entire presentation and have to read the entire time. And even if there is a lot of text in a presentation, 3D animation can make it seem like less work for a prospect. 3D text can make a flashy entrance onto the screen, while storyboards can be more than stick figure drawings. With 3D animation, a company can show a prospective client or customer why they should do business together.

3D animation can breathe life into a visual of a product by showing details a regular drawing simply cannot show. Views from any angle, extreme zooming in, product movement (rotating, shifting, bending) – these are all things that can only be accomplished using 3D animation. It could come in handy especially when trying to promote a product that hasn’t been invented or created yet. A realistic visual of a prototype will have much more of an impact on people than words or even a basic sketch. A demonstration of a product is more captivating with 3D animation involved.

When it comes to a business's advertising plan, 3D animation is absolutely necessary and critical in making a company stand out from the rest. Think about all the types of insurance commercials on TV. Which ones stand out the most? Some have recurring characters that end up being more memorable than the actual companies. One set of commercials that truly stands out is the Geico commercials that feature the cute little gecko. Without 3D animation, there’d be no gecko. And let’s not forget how easy that gecko must be to work with. He never calls out sick, never complains, won’t overcharge for his services and never has to go to rehab for “exhaustion.” He’s the perfect employee. He’s adorable, too, and he’ll always stay that way. The craziest ideas can come to life with 3D animation. These crazy ideas in commercials, print advertisements and video marketing take your company from drab to dynamic.

3D animation might seem risky or costly at first, but the benefits are likely to be huge and worthwhile. 3D animation is gaining popularity, but the good thing is that companies can still go with the crowd in using it while keeping their identity. 3D animation is a great way to help make a business look more technologically savvy and memorable.

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