With the decreased video game sales in 2011 and the end of the console lifecycle coming soon, many are skeptical about the year 2012. They shouldn’t be; a bright future is ahead for gamers. For example, the May release of Diablo 3, a sequel that was highly anticipated for 10+ years, on the same day as Max Payne 3’s release, came with sales that hit the roof.

Before Diablo 3 was released, Blizzard already had over 2 million pre-orders from customers. They’ll sell even more copies in upcoming days. Another successful console and computer game, Mass Effect 3, passed $200 million in sales in just a few months. Video game consoleThese games are only the beginning of what’s to come in 2012. Other anticipated games that are sure to sell in high numbers are: Halo 4, Assassin’s Creed III, Guild Wars 2, Borderlands 2, and CoD: Black Ops II.

The ever-expanding mobile application market is also a factor. With constant improvements on smartphone, tablets, and other devices, mobile games and apps have had a huge impact on the gaming industry. Tablets and smartphones, whether Android or iOS, have flooded the market. The increased variety and super cheap cost of available apps allows a plethora of apps to be purchased every day.

Just look at the success of everyone’s favorite app, Angry Birds. Rovio’s newest app, Angry Birds Space, got over 10 million downloads in just three days. The original game has been downloaded over 700 million times.

Constantly evolving gaming technology ensures that video games will always have a place in our lives. As newer generations of consoles and phones make their way to market, the creativity of the games we play will continue to grow. As for now, 2012 looks to be a solid year for the video game industry.

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