6 New Apps from Zco Clients You Can Download Right Now

The variety and creativity of Zco customers never cease to amaze us, and the apps of the last few months are no exception. Clients brought the ideas for us to develop, and recent releases range from serious business to serious play.

Games & Fun

1. Insane Eagles –

A 3D infinite flyer game, Insane Eagles gives you control of powerful eagles with armor, missiles, and jetpacks. Fly through an abandoned city, pick up food and coins, and destroy cars that get in your way.

The game uses tilt controls for moving your eagle up, down, left, and right, so it’s incredibly immersive. Online play includes time trials and high-score contests among players across the globe. Free for iOS and Android.

2. Pet Pose – If there’s a better use for the Internet than sharing photos of pets, we haven’t found it. Pet Pose ups the fun with quick photo editing tools specially designed for pet selfies. You can download custom backgrounds and props like hats and mustaches for your pics, as well as insert speech bubbles.

There’s even a weekly photo contest, with winners choosing $25 gift cards every Sunday. The app also makes it easy to share pictures via Facebook, text, and email. Free for iOS.

3. Street Smart Kidz – A grandmother of seven originally designed this board game way back in 1988, and now she’s brought it to mobile devices. Street Smart Kidz teaches safety lessons to young children while they play on their own or with parents.

4. Bet On That – Built for the “serious sports investor,” Bet On That offers an analysis of major game matchups, helping you make the right wagers. Instead of single games, Bet On That uses a three-game series system that claims to increase your success rate. Premium prediction packages are available with in-app purchases.

Strictly Business

5. Backwoods Logistics – Mobile apps often fill very specific niches, and Backwoods Logistics is such an app. It serves the needs of timber loggers, forestry companies, and land management organizations by automating and simplifying the process of distributing, completing, and returning logging load sheets.

As a specialized business app, Backwoods Logistics incorporates exactly what logging industry workers need to get their jobs done. It replaces kludgy solutions with purpose-built software, saving time and money for everyone involved. $249.99 for iOS.

6. Pest Elimination – A small but growing business in southern California, Primate Pest Elimination offers residential and commercial exterminator services. The app gets customers in touch quickly, allowing them to submit a service request as well as pay their bills. There’s even a pest library to help identity what’s plaguing your property. Free for Android.

What’s your innovative app idea? Zco Corporation builds custom mobile apps, games, and enterprise software. For more information, email us or call 603.881.9200.