Animation and 3D technology gets a lot of attention in summer blockbusters. Superhero teams, starship crews, and fantasy fellowships would be nowhere without extensive digital effects.

But modeling real-world objects has solid benefits for small businesses and enterprises. You don’t need special powers to put 3D modeling to work in your product pipeline.

The Business of 3D Modeling

The use of 3D product modeling is well established as a prototyping and design refinement tool. Rather than rely on sketches and clay sculptures as in decades past, computer-aided design and 3D rendering can work out the bugs in a product before anything physical is built.

It’s not just R&D that utilizes 3D product modeling. Even customer-facing departments like sales and marketing can present merchandise in 3D on websites, in advertisements, and digital catalogs. Business verticals from healthcare to real estate are seeing the benefits of 3D product rendering.

How to Promote Your Business with 3D Rendering

The consumer electronics market uses 3D product modeling extensively in its promotional efforts. A good number of product “photographs” on vendor and retail sites are actually renderings of a 3D model. Any industry can take advantage of the technology, from product designs for defense and medical devices to education, architectural walkthroughs, and jewelry design.

In some cases, a digital model is already available from the design phase of product development. For marketing purposes, 3D models can be developed for existing items as well. A computer model is much easier to manipulate, light, and place in different environments than a physical product. It’s always sparkling clean and never gets damaged.

Product catalog creation can reach an all new level with this method. Websites can present products in an interactive 3D viewer, inviting visitors to spin them around and zoom in on details. With a 360-degree visual of your product, shoppers are more confident in what they’re getting.

Demonstrations of various products can be made simple with 3D animation, helping the customer to analyze the product. The enhanced graphics and multimedia content in return help to boost the product sales.

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3d product design of a DSLR camera

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