This year Zco Corporation celebrated its 25th year in business. With a quarter century of experience came a lot of learning, so the team at Zco decided to honor our silver anniversary with a curated list of the 25 best tips and tricks to help make your apps successful in the upcoming year!
25th Anniversary Ribbon Cutting

1. Partner Up

Sara Woodward at Stable / Kernel notes that the key to developing a successful app is to “find a great development partner.” You must be able to build a relationship with your developer, and trust that the developers will code your vision.

2. Think Money

Ekaterina Klink from Clickky recommends that developers consider monetization models. There are a variety of methods to use, but “freemium” monetization (free apps with in-app purchases for greater functionality) and in-app advertising are currently the models trending in the app store.

3. Include Devices

It is important to know that in today’s app market, your app will not be contained to just one device. Jess Bahr, Social Flow, mentions that you also need to think beyond smartphones to phablets and wearables.

4. Do Research

“Customer research matters,” states Nick Johnson from Applico. You need to understand your customers’ needs, solutions, and devices they use. It is important to know who will use your application prior to releasing to the masses to ensure your application appeals to your target audience.

5. Go Deep

This year, Sarah Silbert at Deeplink noticed a trend of deep linking and believes this technique will be more mainstream in the upcoming year. “Deep links take you directly to specific locations in apps rather than dropping you at the homepage.”

6. Know the Rules

This tip is for individuals considering developing apps for children. Tamera Bennett, Bennett Law Office, reminds us to become familiar with the laws and app store rules and regulations regarding marketing and selling applications to minors (under 16 years of age).

7. Plan for Maintenance

Amber Sawaya from Sawaya Consulting advises creators to “consider your ongoing maintenance plan. Your app will need to be continually updated with bug fixes, support new devices, and the addition of new features.”

8. Build for Speed

Will King, Penthouse-Magic, reminds developers to “optimize for site speed. Google expects mobile apps / sites to load in under 1 second, so they should be optimized to load as fast as possible.”

9. Market Aggressively

To promote your application after release, Molly Sylestine of Apptive recommends that you build an integrated mobile marketing plan. The plan should include email marketing, push notifications, and social media.

10. Design for Function

For this tip we are focusing on design advice from Patrick Adams of Tonic Design. “When design and engineering truly collaborate, the proof is in the product: the way it looks, the way it works and the way it feels.” 

11. Leverage Keywords

“Your app can’t make a splash if users don’t know about it, so create a keyword strategy that lets users easily find your app in the App Store or via search engines,” says Sanjay Signhal from

12. Build the Business

Jay Shapiro of AppMakr recommends that you “build a business before you build an app.” To be successful you must have a great idea, great execution of the idea, and a great business behind the idea.

13. Ask for Reviews

It is important to “ask users to review your application exactly when they are most satisfied,” states Monica Zaldivar, Zoobe. This involves creating timely messages within the application and building a relationship between your brand and the users.

14. Show Visuals

When promoting your app it is important to have visuals for the users to view. This will usually include screenshots and a tutorial video. Kathryn Quirk, OtoSense, recommends that your video show exactly what your applications can do now and not display any future updates planned.

15. Use Device Features

It is important to consider the potential of every device when developing your application. Over the years, phones have developed better cameras, stronger geo-location, and improved calendars. Apps are able to harness these functions and incorporate them into their applications, according to Sean Allen, OutSystems. 

16. Advertise

Dan Laughlin, HyperMX, believes that 2015 will be THE year for mobile advertising. Many big brands are planning their Q1 ad spends for 2015, and mobile applications are being given a larger budget.

17. Keep it Simple

Joey Shelvelson, AIM Consulting, notes simplicity will be key in the upcoming year. He recommends that “instead of chasing the next feature or enhancement, identify the core of your app, the thing that you deliver to your customers that no one else can.”

18. Crunch Data

In 2015, Lois Di Qual from Expensify believes automation and data tracking will be notable app components. Mobile apps already track tons of data based on your location and interests. In the upcoming year, this information will be put to use to provide a more automated experience.

19. Use Voice

Mobile devices now provide consumers the ability to use voice commands, and in 2015 this trend will extend to mobile applications as well. Dave Hochman, DJH Marketing Communications shares that “your mobile app can take advantage of these technologies that are baked into the OS of Android and Windows phone to create custom experiences that are fast and hands-free via voice.”

20. Provide Value

2015 is the year that brands will show appreciation to their users. Omer Chehmer, Last Minute Travel, states that it is important your app provides value added services. This will help increase consumer engagement. 

21. Mobilize

Applications are not only found in the app store, but also found through all the popular search engines. Jeanne Hopkins, Continuum, emphasizes the importance of having a mobile optimized website. This will allow for prospective customers to find you through a variety of avenues. 

22. Secure Everything

Genna Carbone, SecureState, emphasizes the importance of security in 2015. She believes there will a strong push for more regulations in 2015, along with app developers creating more secure platforms.

23. Budget Sensibly

If you are considering the cost of getting an application developed, your final sum will be for more than just the development. You need to also think of launch and marketing costs. Marc Appelbaum, Global Branding Central, states “You MUST, MUST, MUST market your project … there must be a marketing plan / budget in place.”

24. Socialize

Tiffany Liou, H3 Communications, recommends getting an application on social media sites to increase visibility. Social media is one more way for users to find and connect with your app.

25. Remember Wearables

Development is no longer just for mobile. Wearables are entering the space and your app needs to be ready. Kobi Hatcher, AIM Consulting, encourages everyone to consider wearables when creating an application.
That’s it!  Our 25th year in business is coming to a close, and we’re looking forward to ringing in 2015. We will continue to monitor and share trends in the upcoming year, and if you have a tip be sure to let us know in the comments below.
Happy New Year! 

Zco Corporation - Nashua Crew

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