App Download Statistics Show An Interesting Variety of Android and iOS Users

From June 14-16, 2013, The Rotary Club of Nashua West conducted the Rock’n Ribfest – a three-day event in Merrimack, New Hampshire, which helped raise funds for local charities. This was the 10th anniversary of this annual event, and it featured live music, entertainment for children, and BBQ restaurants from all over North America.

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For the first time, Zco Corporation participated in the event by sponsoring and building its first mobile app. The Rock’n Ribfest app comprised of an event schedule, driving directions, parking information, ticket prices, and other details. Zco is happy to announce that the Rock’n Ribfest 2013 app was downloaded more than 500 times by smartphone and tablet users within a span of just one week.

The Rock’n Ribfest app was released on the iTunes App Store on June 4 and Google Play on June 7. Although a number of installations were performed during the three-day event, the majority of downloads happened in the two weeks leading up to Ribfest.

During Ribfest, 153 new users installed the app on their iPhones or iPads while 202 did so between June 4 and June 13. Seven additional users installed the app for the first time after the event had ended, with one of the users from Canada trying it out as late as June 24. As for Android device users, 77 installed the Ribfest app during the weekend of the event while 85 installed it beforehand. One user in Brazil installed it after the event on June 22.

Android’s app store, Google Play, offers several metrics to developers that are not available with iOS. For example, approximately half of all Android users of the app used Verizon Wireless network (49.69%). Another 11.66% were Sprint customers and 9.2% utilized AT&T.

The Rock’n Ribfest Android app did not reflect the general state of Android fragmentation – that is, the percentage of users running various versions of the operating system. According to the Android Dashboard, as of June 3, total users of Android broke down this way:

  • Gingerbread (versions 2.3.3-2.3.7): 36.4%
  • Jelly Bean, first iteration (version 4.1.x): 29%
  • Ice Cream Sandwich (versions 4.0.3-4.0.4): 25.6%
  • Jelly Bean, second iteration (version 4.2.x): 4%

However, Rock’n Ribfest app downloaders tended to run more up-to-date devices:

  • Jelly Bean, first iteration (version 4.1.x): 60.74%
  • Gingerbread (versions 2.3.3-2.3.7): 14.11%
  • Jelly Bean, second iteration (version 4.2.x): 12.88%
  • Ice Cream Sandwich (versions 4.0.3-4.0.4): 12.27%

Although Ribfest was a New Hampshire event, the app was downloaded internationally. With more than 160 total Android installations, the geographic locations of downloaders included countries such as Brazil, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Among the 360+ iOS installations, international downloaders spanned from Thailand, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Jamaica, Mexico, South Africa, and Spain.

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