Research in Motion Analysts Research in Motion is clearing the path for the introduction of BlackBerry 10.

Mobile industry experts at CNET expect the success of the brand new OS and smartphones to determine the immediate future of RIM. The company has been struggling to stay afloat in the mobile industry and is currently competing with Microsoft for the third place spot behind Google and Apple in mobile market share.

Besides a revamped OS and improved features, RIM has extended their licensing deal with InterDigital. Under the contract, RIM will have access to InterDigital’s patents for the new line of BlackBerry 10 products, the most important of which is 4G LTE technology.

Last month, RIM made peace with Nokia in a patent lawsuit that involves RIM paying a one-time fee and “ongoing payments” for the use of Nokia’s patents. Earlier in 2012, RIM was dropped as the leading provider of devices to security services in the United States.

Despite the problems RIM experienced in 2012, IT analysts at ComputerWorldUK believe BlackBerry 10 will prevail in 2013. Their predictions are based on current issues with the competition’s operating systems.  With Android’s questionable security and Apple’s lack of third-party integration, BlackBerry 10 could gain some traction with those finding faults in their current OS.

The new operating system is expected to feature a “Flow” UI, which provides information without having to utilize separate applications. Other features include improved multitasking similar to Microsoft’s Live Tiles and separate profiles aimed at satisfying security concerns.

Assuming BlackBerry 10 is a success in the mobile market, RIM could have a chance to increase the minute lead it currently holds over Windows Phone, giving it a hopeful future.

RIM has planned a BlackBerry 10 launch event for January 30.

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