What happened to Budweiser and Coca-Cola commercials? In this years Super Bowl XLVI they were far and few between. The surprising fact about the ads of 2012 was that the majority of them were technology related. Here is a roundup of the selected best for tech ads in Super Bowl 2012:

Best Buy: This Super Bowl commercial gave us an inside look at the inventors that created the phone technology that we can’t live without. Everything invented, from the camera phone to the insanely addicting Words with Friends. This ad conveys the message to consumers to choose Best Buy for their mobile technology because it’s the best selection around. Take a look for yourself http://youtu.be/cavHNSZTyAg.

Samsung Mobile USA: Samsung is promoting their new 5.3 inch smartphone the Galaxy Note. Fully equipped with a stylus, aka a pen. This commercial is a bit much. Although, these marketing efforts are creating a buzz, so we will have to wait and see how it turns out. Will you believe, http://youtu.be/CgfknZidYq0?

GoDaddy: They used this ad time for promoting their new cloud service. As we all know, GoDaddy promotes using sexually appealing women, and this year is no different. Honestly, with all the companies out to provide the best cloud services right now, maybe GoDaddy is setting themselves apart from the rest. Would you choose GoDaddy for your cloud services, http://youtu.be/3DGCDpP-kfQ?

These commercials were all star studded and trying to make their mark on consumers. Some may fail, but others will really make an impact. Nonetheless, it’s great to see technology on the forefront.

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