The news doesn’t slow down, so why should PR and marketing professionals? Until recently, a common misconception has been that the BlackBerry is better for corporate users because it’s equipped with keyboard functionalities, making it easy for email correspondence. However, the iPhone, and fast on its heels the iPad, is now proving to be a magnet for businesses, drawing them in with its beneficial features – large screen, computer-like web browsing, hundreds of thousands of apps and more.

Case in point: Last year 4 out of every 10 iPhones were sold to business users, according to Ron Spears, chief of AT&T’s business solutions unit. Additionally, Apple sold 18.65 million iPhones in the fiscal 2011, second quarter, a 113 percent unit growth over the same quarter a year ago!

These numbers are music to the ears of app developers everywhere because they mean app development – and, due in large part to Apple’s rapidly growing numbers, iPhone app development – is quickly becoming a key to success in the business world. From collecting and remembering information to streamlining travel and more, app developers have been able to take some of the most stressful aspects of a PR or marketing job and transform them into easy-to-use apps.

Here are seven standout mobile applications made by app developers who recognize the need to optimize media relation efforts, making life easier for on-the-go professionals:

1.Evernote – Donned one of New York Times’ “Top 10 Must-Have Apps,” this app enables professionals to compose notes, save pictures and record voice memos instead of scribbling notes into a notepad or lugging around a cumbersome laptop, all for a small monthly fee.

2.TripIt – This free app consolidates all travel arrangements, making a PR rep’s schedule more manageable. Now media professionals can easily store and access client itineraries in one place. The app also allows users to share travel calendars, making it easier to coordinate travel arrangements.

3.AP Mobile – To thrive in the media, PR pros need to stay connected to current events and clientele niche markets; this free app provides users instant access to any media outlet of their choice and the ability to monitor what reporters are covering.

4.Bump – Need to swap contact information with media on the fly? Now, by touching another user’s iPhone, this free app virtually syncs and exchanges data fast. Bumping into a business contact now takes on a whole new meaning with this simple, innovative app!

5.Tweetdeck - And then there’s social media. With this free app, professionals can engage in the social realm and stay on top of outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace – you name it. All in one convenient place.

6.Teuxdeux – This rudimentary “to-do list” app is designed to assist in managing and prioritizing daily tasks. Features include a weekly overview, the ability to check off and remove task and an automatic rollover for incomplete tasks – and it’s free!

7.Name Catcher Biz – This app saves users from the embarrassment of forgetting names of business contacts by allowing users to input or record a name, where they met the contact and add a reference hint. A quick search by category, keyword or GPS location allows users to find the names they need quickly. Definitely worth the pennies to purchase!

These are just a few standout mobile apps on the market created by businesses and brought to life by iPhone app developers who understand the needs of PR and marketing professionals alike. There are many more apps available, and no doubt many more to come with the help of innovative app developers turning ideas into reality and putting important business information and processes in the palm of users hands.

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