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A Leading AR Company

Augmented reality apps combine live video with computer-generated images, sounds, videos, or GPS data. AR projects blend digital content with the real world. The right augmented reality company is able to seamlessly blend digital and physical elements, resulting in stunning imagery.

Devices use a variety of means to oritent themselves within the environment. Some use visual markers, such as a city’s skyline or QR codes. They can also be tied to geographic coordinates, RFID tags, proximity to other devices, and many more.

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Versatile Commercial Applications

Augmented reality companies apply this technology in a wide variety of problem spaces and industries. Businesses use the technology in marketing efforts, brand awareness, and promotional events. AR games are pushing the medium forward, bending reality around their players and moving the action off 2D screens into the real world. There’s no end of uses for Zco’s powerful augmented reality services.

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Unique Experiences

Zco is a leading AR company that provides its clients with practical and powerful implementations of the technology. Our AR developers and engineers harness the latest AR technologies to create convincing AR experiences. Our in-house team of artists and UI/UX designers provide intuitive interfaces for end users. Because of our large staff and their depth of expertise, we provide our clients with an all-in-one solution for their augmented reality app designs.

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One of the most uself aspects of augmented reality apps is the ability to visualize real-time data in a physical space. It doesn’t matter if it’s a review for a restaurant or the median price of real estate in the neighborhood you’re walking through: AR is an engaging way to present data to your users and engage them through compelling AR experiences.

With this immersive technology as the basis for your app, you can integrate other services and APIs to further extend your software’s capabilities. Learn more about our mobile app development services.



Nowhere do mixed reality apps shine more brightly than in professional and enterprise settings. Combined with the right data, the technology allows employees to work faster and smarter. It enables designers and artists to collaborate remotely across the world. Surgeons can plan their operations in advance and architects can share and manipulate their creations in real-time for their clients. There is no end to the usefulness of this new medium, and businesses are only just beginning to harness its power in meaningful ways, including:

  • Real-time data visualization overlays
  • Medical diagnosis and patient tracking
  • In-vehicle visual navigation aids

This medium has the ability to draw upon your organization’s data in the cloud and allow your employees and customers to leverage it in the real world. Learn more about the benefits of augmented reality in business.

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The introduction of this new medium has revolutionized digital entertainment. Successful and profitable augmented reality games are pushing the entire medium forward, bringing users together through the seamless combination AR technology and social experiences. Despite its relative youth as a technology, mixed reality has already demonstrated a huge amount of potential for people and organizations with the right ideas.

Because of our long history creating traditional 2D and 3D mobile games, you can depend on us to help you create enthralling titles for your players.

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AR Platforms & Technologies

Apple ARKit

Apple has released their own alternate reality framework for use with their iPhone and iPad lines of devices. Utilizing low-level hardware commands and iOS-specific optimizations, ARKit can bring high fidelity augmented reality experiences to Apple hardware. ARKit will continue to grow and evolve alongside the medium, and our engineers and programmers will continue to stay up to date with the API.

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Vuforia is one of the world’s most-used augmented reality platforms. It powers everything from educational AR apps for doctors and dentists to fashion and vehicle design software. Its ease of use and powerful features allow us to easily integrate augmented reality into your project, no matter its scale.

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Google ARCore

Google maintains its own augmented reality development software, ARCore. Unlike other AR platforms, ARCore is primarily focused on determining a mobile device’s relative location and orientation without polling the device’s GPS or other external signals. Backed by ARCore, Android phones and tablet can provide engaging and accurate AR experiences to users.

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In-House AR App

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