Zco Featured as a Leading Mobile App Developer

This is a guest post by Ryan Stevens, Business Manager at Clutch.co. At Clutch we work to connect business service providers with business service buyers, Zco was an early member to join our site. Over the last couple of years we’ve been really working to grow our content and increase the number of companies we cover across the technology sector. I think it is now fair to say that we are the leading provider of B2B ratings and reviews for the app development...Zco listed in Clutch Top App Developers Boston

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Google Gives Developers Frameworks Galore at I/O 2016

Google’s I/O keynote event on Wednesday, May 18 was uncharacteristically light on exciting info for consumers, but developers found plenty to sink their teeth into.   The next version of Android didn’t even get a name, just a page for suggestions beginning with the letter N. Personally, I think “Neapolitan” should get the nod, fitting as well as it does with the Android slogan “Be Together, not the Same.”  Google Home, Android N, Daydream reference design

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Android Studio 2.0 is Google’s New, Improved Development Suite

In 2013, Google released the first version of its Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Android Studio. It aimed to provide an all-in-one development experience that was faster and smoother than the de facto standard for Android coders at the time, Eclipse.   After three years, Android developers got the first major update to the official IDE earlier this month with the release of Android Studio 2.0, followed quickly by a 2.1 update. Built-in tools include the obvious code...Android Studio 2.0 offers an improved device emulator

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603 Networking Recap: 5 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence

Last night we had the honor of hosting a 603 Networking event at our facility in the Nashua Millyard Technology Office Park. The 603 Networking group is the largest New Hampshire-only group on LinkedIn. Its members are people living or working in New Hampshire and its function is primarily for business and personal networking purposes. To register or learn more about the group, visit them on LinkedIn here.Zco Account Executive Mark Lynch presents to a 603 Networking audience

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What the iPhone SE Means for iOS App Development

For two years, new iPhones had 4-inch screens. Before that, Apple had stubbornly kept the smartphone’s display at 3.5 inches. The iPhone 5, along with the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, bumped that up half an inch. After that, with the iPhone 6, the new screen size was 4.7 inches, with a Plus model at 5.5 inches.   Now, a new 4-inch model has been introduced: the iPhone SE. It’s essentially the body and display of an iPhone 5 with the internal hardware of an iPhone...Comparison of iPhone 5 and iPhone SE dimensions

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