How to Promote Your Game with an Awesome Trailer

Game trailers are an important aspect of any game’s marketing, whether it is for an initial announcement, launch event, or release. Game trailers are a great way to show off your game’s unique features and attractive visuals, letting players know what to look forward to.



What to Keep in Mind While Creating

The first important thing to remember when constructing your own trailer is to use what makes your game stand out. What are you trying to communicate to your audience? This may be your story line, cool animations, unique game mechanics, or innovative features.
A successful trailer is enticing, short and sweet while taking viewers on a journey to download your game or app. Using a storyboard and laying out the video ensures every second is used wisely. It is especially important to have the first few seconds of the video to be attention grabbing to keep viewers watching.
A trailer aims to hook the audience and get them excited. To create this excitement it is best to add a variety of content to your trailer. This is done through content such as game cutscenes, gameplay, voiceovers, music, and text. Game cutscenes combined with other content can create your trailer. You can even include reviews in your trailer if you have any.
Just like the beginning of the video, the end is quite important. Always include a “call to action” to viewers by providing when and where to download.

How We Do It 

Numerous Zco customers choose to promote their games with trailers we produce for them. We use a variety of content to create videos that tell the game’s story and distinguish distinguish it from all the others on the market. To do this we use combinations of game play, music, text, and tutorials – whichever best suits the app.
Our customers can then use their video on their own websites and social media outlets. Having this trailer gives our customers the advantage of showing their audience how to play the game, what to expect, and why to download. Other videos give the background of a game, introducing the purpose and goal while telling an animated story to entice the viewer.
A trailer can be crucial for promoting your game. Teasing your audience with content from the game helps create a buzz for your upcoming launch. Whether you decide to create your trailer alone or enlist some help, it is important to keep these tips in mind.
Need help to gain the advantages of a game trailer? Contact our team with an email or call to (603) 881.9200 to get started today.

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Healthcare Apps & Medical Animation by an American Hospital Association Member

Zco Corporation is a proud associate member of the American Hospital Association. The AHA was formed in 1898, and is a national organization of healthcare representatives. Its members include providers, networks, hospitals, and affiliates, addressing both local and national issues. The AHA is an advocate for health information technology, an area in which Zco has extensive experience.
Zco has worked with healthcare partners to develop custom medical mobile applications, as well as 3D animations, walkthroughs, and modeling projects for medical, business, and nonprofit fields. With 25 years of developing cutting-edge custom software, Zco is proud to work with our medical partners in various fields to create a healthier future for everyone.

Medical Apps & Electronic Health Records

Medical mobile apps are an advancing technology having a bigger presence in the health care industry. Not only do healthcare professionals benefit from having mobile electronic health records of patients, apps are now giving patients the ability to keep up-to-date with their health records. Easy and convenient, mobile apps have improved the doctor-patient relationship by bettering communication and understanding.
Zco has built numerous healthcare related apps, including:
The Govern4Health app is targeted to health leaders, managers, and those who govern within health systems. It details four essential governing practices, enumerating various tasks that support those practices, and examples of those practices in use.
My Breath LiteMyBreath Lite
Using a standard mobile headset, MyBreath Lite generates a breathing score for its users. The app provides real-time feedback, fitness goal tracking, and coaching.
My Resource SearchMy Resource Search
With My Resource Search from the Patient Advocate Foundation, users can find the insurance and healthcare assistance they need. Resources in 35 categories range from financial assistance to transportation help. Four quick questions hone in on the user’s exact need.
Track My HealthTrack My Health
Track My Health features templates for more than 35 critical laboratory tests as well as blood pressure, pulse, weight, and BMI. Data points can be graphed over time to see if one's health is improving. There are even tips for reducing one's risk factors – though, of course, you should always consult with your own doctor.
Raphael PetMedRaphael PetMed & Raphael PMR
PetMed helps pet owners maintain an updated medical file of critical information that can be communicated with veterinarians, pet sitters, animal hospitals and animal hotels. It helps medical histories and general information about your loving pet come to life.
Raphael PMRPMR gives patients the power to maintain their own Personal Medical Records. It also helps them communicate with their physicians via email, request medication refills, and track treatments.

Medical Animation

Medical 3D animations can serve a variety of purposes in the healthcare industry. A medical device manufacturer can create 3D demonstrative videos for their prosthetics, teaching doctors and patients alike. Medical students can train via digital autopsies, exploring the body in detail when a cadaver is not available.
The possibilities for 3D in the healthcare industry are endless. Our 3D artists have worked with medical manufacturing companies, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to create intricately detailed tutorials, overviews, and mobile applications.
Medical Device VideoHere are some examples of the uses of 3D animation:

  • Training and education
  • Demonstrations (product or business)
  • Pitch a new product
  • Communicating a complex message
  • Gaming
  • Short Films
  • Bringing a logo or object to life

Walkthrough in 3D

Walkthroughs allow visitors to virtually tour a facility, even if the building does not yet exist. A hospital looking to build a new wing can develop a 3D walkthrough of the proposed facilities to court donors. Tour Zco’s headquarters in our example of 3D walkthrough.

As the world continues to push more towards mobile technology, so must healthcare. Zco’s collaboration with the AHA is indicative of our commitment to building high-quality projects in the field of medicine. To learn more about Zco’s healthcare services, click here or give us a call at 603.881.9200.

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Monster Play Mobile App Released by Catherine Fluehmann

Card-matching game featuring 3D animated characters now available for iPhone & iPad
Monster Play splash screen

A new iPhone and iPad app blends classic memory card play with some amazing and funny 3D monsters. The game is available now for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store.
Each monster comes with a vivid personality, put on full display in short video clips whenever a match is made. The user meets some monsters with wings, some with multiple eyes, and others with cravings for gold or ice cream.
The world of Monster Play consists of more than 30 monsters in total. Several videos of individual monsters start to paint a picture about the life on a strange, alien planet. Some scenes appear to be happening on Earth (albeit an earth inhabited by monsters) but clues soon emerge to make you question this assumption. The surprise element in the game is that the display of monsters and videos differ every time the game is played.
The memory game itself is familiar and simple: flip over two cards to see if they match. You can earn points as you complete each level. The leaderboard tracks your progress. A timer records the specific time taken by you to play the game.
To make the game more interesting, one can try the Challenge Mode, in which every match re-shuffles the entire deck of cards. In this mode, the players have two minutes to make as many matches as possible.
Real-time animation software iClone was used by app creator Catherine Fluehmann to make each monster and environment.
About the Creator
Catherine Fluehmann developed Monster Play for both kids and adults to challenge their minds as well as entertain them. The game was inspired from her interest in technology and her passion to teach kids through interactive games.

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What Can Developers Do with Android L? A Lot, Actually.

Google kept mystery alive at its annual I/O conference yesterday, announcing new SDKs and initiatives but keeping mum on the name and version number of its next Android operating system.
The Google I/O 2014 keynote offered a wealth of information for developers. The software development kit (SDK) for Android L – whatever its dessert-themed final name ends up being – is available today at It will include more than 5,000 new APIs and extends the mobile platform fully to wearables, cars, and televisions.


Material Design

Although it might seem more of a simple look and feel revision, Material Design is the term Google is using for its unifying interface. Colors are automatically drawn from images to illustrate apps and dynamic webpages; animations create transitions between screens and touch feedback; buttons appear to hover above content with drop shadows.
Other features of Android L will include:

  • Speedier app performance with the Android RunTime (ART)
  • App Indexing for searching content within apps
  • Full 64-bit support
  • Desktop-level graphics processing
  • Battery Saver to extend unplugged phone life 

Android Wear

Smartwatches aren’t catching on as quickly as smartphones, but Android Wear looks to make them an essential part of the mobile experience. It enables “glanceable,” contextual apps that synchronize with other devices.
The first products on the platform appeared in the Play Store yesterday: the LG G and Samsung Gear Live.

Android Auto

If Android Wear is meant to preempt an inevitable iWatch from Apple, then Android Auto is a formidable answer to CarPlay. The two platforms share similar functionality:

  • Maps, music, and messging through a dashboard interface
  • Additional apps that adapt to the car’s screen
  • Voice control
  • Built-in controls

Android Auto boasts 28 automaker partners, while CarPlay counts 20 plus aftermarket component manufacturers Alpine and Pioneer. Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, and others have signed deals with both Google and Apple, so compatible systems will probably be optional packages.

Android TV

The branding is different, but Android TV is definitely an evolution of Google TV. Special Lean Back code classes adjust the user interface of Android TV apps to be comfortable to use on the couch.
Android TV has full Google Cast support built in, which users of the Chromecast streaming media stick are familiar with. Android L takes full-screen device streaming out of experimental status and also includes things like voice search and game pad support. 

Developer support

Google’s announcements at I/O 2014 all come down to one thing: giving developers more resources to make great apps. More than $5 billion was paid out to Google Play developers in the past year, and new features are being rolled out to enable more types of apps:

  • Google Fit, similar to Apple’s HealthKit, for consolidating fitness data
  • Social and multiplayer connectivity through Google Play Games
  • Direct carrier billing even for tablets

Getting new ideas for apps? Contact our experts at 603.881.9200 or by email.

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Zco Tackles NYC and the Small Business Expo

Last week, two members of the Zco team traveled to Manhattan for the NYC Small Business Expo. The Expo is held at several cities across the country throughout the year, with the goal of creating connections between small businesses of all kinds.

Photo Credit: anieto2k via Compfight cc

Spending time in New York is always fun, and the Expo was no exception. There were businesses of all kinds, with strong representation in the areas of marketing, tech, and manufacturing. Local, smaller enterprises were mixed in with big-name companies Square, VistaPrint,and Zoho. Chambers of Commerce from throughout New York and New Jersey also attended.
One of the highlights of the show was the diverse workshop line-up. There were topics ranging from securing business loans to email marketing. Our own Randy Peterson presented to a standing-room only crowd in his workshop, “Business Strategy: How to Implement Mobile Apps."


We had a great time in NYC, and are looking forward to the next Small Business Expo in Boston on October 2!  The shows are free and open to the public, so we hope to see you there!

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