Back To School Apps for Parents & Students

Here in New Hampshire, at the Zco Corporation headquarters, the cool mornings have begun and the school buses are all getting ready to bring students to school. In honor of the changing seasons it is the perfect time to reflect and look at some of the great educational and parenting apps our clients have created.


Kicker Rides a Bike created by MySporties is an interactive storybook that encourages young children to learn to read. The book is a combination of animation, sound effects, and interaction to keep young readers engaged while learning life lessons. The app is currently available on iTunes and Google Play.


Created by Bright Solutions for Dyslexia, the Barton Tiles System helps individuals with learning differences ranging from 1st graders to adults improve their reading and writing skills. The mobile app contains short 10-minute pre-loaded lessons and has the ability to track program progress for tutors and students. This app is currently available on iTunes.


The creators of Chores for Rewards believed that positive behavior should be rewarded, and motivation should be a key to success. This app allows parents to control their child’s Android tablet or smartphone from their personal phone. Kids earn time in their favorite apps by completing chores, and app privileges can be revoked and restored by parents. The app is currently available on Google Play!


The last app on our fall list is an app that helps parents in emergencies. This application has two parts, one for the child and one for the parent. The child app is simply a GPS tracker to keep the parents in the know about their child’s whereabouts. The parents’ app has a list of emergency contacts that can be notified if your child goes missing and can hold a child’s basic information to access at the tap of a finger. Along with being a safety app, SafetySnapp acts as a digital scrapbook and photos can be taken within the application. SafetySnapp can be downloaded on iTunes and Google Play.


All of these apps were created will the student and parent in mind. Whether they help your student grow in school or they help the parent manage their hectic schedule they are here to make life a little easier. Let us know some of your favorite fall or back to school apps! 

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Where in the World is Zco Corporation

Zco Corporation is excited for the upcoming months full of events. We will be traveling locally in New Hampshire and the Greater Boston area to get to know our community and answer all your mobile app and animation questions!
Manchester Young Professionals Network (MYPN): Summer Luau
August 13th 5:30 – 7:30pm  - World Sports Grille, Manchester NH
Kathryn and Randy kicked off the event tour at the MYPN Summer Luau. They interacted with local businesses specializing in technology, marketing, non-profit, healthcare, and many others. The event was full of entrepreneurs and business professionals discussing their industry of expertise and learning about future business relationships with each other.

Manchester Young Professionals Network (MYPN): High-Tech Event
September 16th 5:30 - 7:30pm – Dyn, Manchester NH
This year is the 2nd Annual High-Tech event, and we are excited to attend. This event is anticipated to boast a large array of technology companies in the Southern New Hampshire area, so if you are looking for an event highlighting the latest innovations - this is it!


Tri-City Expo
September 18th 3:00 - 7:00pm – Center of NH Expo Center, Manchester NH
We are headed back to Manchester for the 26th Annual Tri-City Expo with Randy and David representing Zco. This event is hosted by the Concord, Manchester, and Nashua Chambers of Commerce and is one of the largest B2B expos in New Hampshire. The expo holds 200 exhibitors with over 1,000 guests anticipated to attend. The expo is sure to be full of food, local vendors, and great businesses, so if you are in the Manchester area I would encourage you to stop by.

Small Business Expo Boston
October 2nd 10:00am-5:00pm – Hynes Convention Center, Boston MA
Finally, we will be heading to Boston for the Small Business Expo. This is the largest small businesses events series in the country, and we are lucky it is coming so close to our headquarters. The event will hold over 20 workshops on business automation, public relations, search engine optimization and many other topics. Courtney, an account executive, will be hosting a mobile apps workshop as well. Along with workshops the event has empowering keynote speakers, speed networking events, and an expo hall that boasts a large array of small businesses and organizations the specialize in working with small businesses. This event was a huge hit in Boston in the past and it is only anticipated to grow this year.

If you are attending any of these events leave us a comment and we will keep an eye out for you! We look forward to seeing you soon.  

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Keep Track of Loved Ones with SafetySnapp from Lil' Iguana's Children's Safety Foundation

Just down the road from Zco Corporation in Nashua, New Hampshire, the Lil’ Iguana Children’s Safety Foundation has been operating for 20 years. Now the two have joined forces with SafetySnapp, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. 

SafetySnapp for iPhone, iPad, and Android

The mobile app includes GPS tracking, automated emergency contacts, and photo scrapbooking. It’s designed for ease of use by parents or anyone caring for people with memory loss or disabilities.

A Photo a Day

Daily alarms remind users to take pictures of their kids or other loved ones in case an accurate description becomes necessary. The photos can be assembled into virtual scrapbooks and shared on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Photos, GPS, emergency contacts

Quick Notifications

A single tap instantly notifies a pre-configured list of trusted contacts in an emergency. The most recent photo of the loved one in question is automatically included. Even police and hospitals can be part of the emergency contact list.

The alerts also include the loved one’s full name, nickname, eye color, hair color, skin color, height, and date of birth, as well as any allergies, medications, behavioral conditions, and recent changes in appearance, mood, or behavior.

Location, Location, Location

SafetySnapp’s signature feature is called Follow My Loved One. A mini version of the app, called SafetySnapp Finder, is loaded on the phone of everyone the user wants to keep track of. Each person’s location is shown on a map, so caretakers always know where their loved ones are.

The apps themselves are free. There is an annual subscription fee of $11.99, which covers unlimited GPS tracking, loved ones, emergency contacts, online scrapbooking, and sharing of up to 500 photos.

About Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation

Lil' Iguana's Children's Safety Foundation

SafetySnapp is the latest development from the Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation to keep children and our loved ones safe. For 20 years, the Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation has developed and implemented educational programs and products that keep loved ones safe. This innovative non-profit utilizes prevention programs that have saved children from abduction, sexual abuse, child predators, and serious accidental injuries.

The Foundation has been featured in national publications/national programming, enthusiastically endorsed by safety-officer leagues, acclaimed universities and higher-education institutions, head start programs, and hundreds of schools, child care facilities, police departments, and parenting groups.

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Marketing Through Mobile: Why Zco Sponsors the AMA

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is the largest trusted go-to resource for marketers to stay relevant with training, tools, and knowledge for lifelong learning. Zco is a proud sponsor of AMA Boston, our local affiliate and the fourth largest chapter in the United States.

AMA Boston CMO Roundtable
AMA Boston's June CMO Roundtable. Left to right: Kathy Klinger of Santander Bank, Lisa Unsworth of Arnold Worldwide, and moderator David Rich of George P. Johnson Experience Marketing. (Click to enlarge.) David Fox Photographer

AMA Boston enables marketers to connect with innovative and successful brands, engage in discussions with experts working in the industry, and participate in educational programs. The AMA provides more ways for marketers to connect and share resources, creating a powerful learning community in New England. At every event we’ve attended, we’ve gained valuable insight into the regional and national marketing landscape.

AMA BostonZco’s expertise in emerging technologies provides us the opportunity to contribute to that learning community. Technology is evolving quickly, and that pace is only accelerating. With new social platforms, devices, and marketing strategies appearing each year, keeping up can be overwhelming. Our participation with AMA Boston is geared toward educating the community about these emerging technologies, and providing resources for keeping ahead of the game.

Kathryn Bisson of Zco and Jim Speros of FidelityAMA Boston President Alice SteinCecil Dorman of AVFX, Alice Stein, and Randy Peterson of Zco
Left to right: Kathryn Bisson of Zco and Jim Speros of Fidelity Investments; AMA Boston President Alice Stein; Cecil Dorman of AVFX, Alice Stein, and Randy Peterson of Zco. (Click to enlarge.) David Fox Photographer

One of the most prevalent trends in marketing is the shift towards mobile. Whether through apps or mobile optimized websites, more and more businesses are shifting their strategies to smartphones and tablets – and with good reason. Four out of five customers are using smartphones to shop, and it is predicted that mobile will overtake desktop Internet usage by the end of 2014.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing encourages future prospects and customers to connect and interact with your product or brand while focusing on creating a memorable experience. Based on these memorable encounters customers become more invested in your brand and emotionally connected. Prospects and customers will then talk passionately about your product or service creating word-of-mouth both in real life and on social media platforms, which also amplifies your credibility.

Experiential marketing tries to submerge the consumers into the product by pleasing as many human senses as possible. Integrating a mobile app into your current marketing strategy allows current consumers to interact with the brand through the app and invites new customers to experience the brand hands on.

COOLMAX Socks branded appSome ways experiential marketing can be used in creating a mobile app:

  • Build relationships
  • Increase awareness and customer loyalty
  • Encourage interaction and product trial
  • Stimulate positive word of mouth
  • Change the mind of dissatisfied customers
  • Create product desire
  • Verify the target audience
  • Increase ROI

Research has found that more than nine in 10 of the world’s biggest brands now have apps for smartphones and tablet devices. An app can multiply the number of opportunities to reach consumers with targeted messaging and branding. Apps help maintain engagement and keep customers interacting with the brand.

Zco Corporation’s association with AMA Boston reflects our commitment to building quality projects and educating marketers on the benefits of creating mobile assets. To learn more about Zco’s mobile and creative services, email us or give us a call at 603-881-9200.

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How to Promote Your Game with an Awesome Trailer

Game trailers are an important aspect of any game’s marketing, whether it is for an initial announcement, launch event, or release. Game trailers are a great way to show off your game’s unique features and attractive visuals, letting players know what to look forward to. 


What to Keep in Mind While Creating

The first important thing to remember when constructing your own trailer is to use what makes your game stand out. What are you trying to communicate to your audience? This may be your story line, cool animations, unique game mechanics, or innovative features.
A successful trailer is enticing, short and sweet while taking viewers on a journey to download your game or app. Using a storyboard and laying out the video ensures every second is used wisely. It is especially important to have the first few seconds of the video to be attention grabbing to keep viewers watching.
A trailer aims to hook the audience and get them excited. To create this excitement it is best to add a variety of content to your trailer. This is done through content such as game cutscenes, gameplay, voiceovers, music, and text. Game cutscenes combined with other content can create your trailer. You can even include reviews in your trailer if you have any.
Just like the beginning of the video, the end is quite important. Always include a “call to action” to viewers by providing when and where to download.

How We Do It 

Numerous Zco customers choose to promote their games with trailers we produce for them. We use a variety of content to create videos that tell the game’s story and distinguish distinguish it from all the others on the market. To do this we use combinations of game play, music, text, and tutorials – whichever best suits the app.
Our customers can then use their video on their own websites and social media outlets. Having this trailer gives our customers the advantage of showing their audience how to play the game, what to expect, and why to download. Other videos give the background of a game, introducing the purpose and goal while telling an animated story to entice the viewer.
A trailer can be crucial for promoting your game. Teasing your audience with content from the game helps create a buzz for your upcoming launch. Whether you decide to create your trailer alone or enlist some help, it is important to keep these tips in mind.
Need help to gain the advantages of a game trailer? Contact our team with an email or call to (603) 881.9200 to get started today.

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