Zco Celebrates Three Decades of Software Innovation

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There’s no getting around it: Thirty years in the tech industry is the equivalent to three or four lifetimes in other industries. Since our founding in 1989, computing power has grown exponentially, mobile phones and devices have taken over the world, and the world’s economy is dictated by several trillion lines of code and the programmers that write them. What started as a personal computer revolution has transformed and remade the world around us.

Our old Macintosh SE, a monument to the past

There aren’t many constants in tech. Today’s Google can be yesterday’s Xerox. A small, open source project coded in a garage or incubator can upend the established order for decades to come. Really, the only sure thing in technology is that things don’t stay the same for too long and that what’s cutting edge now will be considered dull in a news cycle or two. Except for Zco Corporation.

Few companies can claim they’ve survived the dawn of the internet age, the dot-com bubble, and the advent of the smartphone era. Fewer still can say they’ve thrived the way Zco has. By tirelessly refining our methods and maintaining a flexible development paradigm, we’re able to adapt to changing conditions while providing our clients with the superior quality and reliability that our reputation is built upon.

Old test devices: Droid 2, iPhone 4 and Blackberry 9530

As part of that push to constantly reinvent and improve ourselves, we’ve refreshed our website, overhauling it to meet the demands of today. Of special note is our revamped app portfolio, which shows off some of our best projects and clients. While the site is live, we don’t consider our mission over. Gradual improvement and evolution is our specialty, and we look forward to making the site even better over time.

A look at our revamped app portfolio

If you’ve worked with us over the past 30 years, then thank you for being a part of the rich history that has made us a leading software developer. If you haven’t worked with us, then maybe it’s time to find out why so many companies have entrusted us with their projects.