Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina Visits Zco

With the New Hampshire Primary just days away presidential candidates are meeting and greeting with potential voters for what seems like 24 hours a day here in the Granite State. We have a great meeting space at our headquarters in the Millyard Technology Office Park, so we decided to invite candidates from across the political spectrum here.

Carly Fiorina addresses 150 people

We asked them to come and discuss the importance of technology in fighting terrorism – but also because we just thought it would be pretty cool to meet the candidates. The first to accept was Carly Fiorina and the event, which was held last night, was a great success! It drew over 150 attendees with just a couple days’ notice.

New Hampshire residents pack the cafeteria above Zco's headquarters

The event was a town hall with a theme of “Leveraging Technology To Prevent Terrorism”. As an app development company, Zco has developed more than 500 custom mobile apps for our clients but only two that we distribute ourselves. They help prevent terrorism by empowering both first responders and the public at large through the use of smartphones.

First, our PublicEye product automates police, fire and EMS by integrating smartphones and tablets into their day-to-day operations. Then there’s Maphub, our social media app, which enables everyday citizens to take an active role in preventing terrorism. Anyone with a smartphone can send tips to local law enforcement and include a photo and exact GPS location. The police, in turn, can take quick action by using PublicEye. You’ll be hearing a lot about it in the coming months, once the media starts covering things other than elections again.

Carly Fiorina learns about Maphub

Carly has made the connection between technology and fighting terrorism a centerpiece of her campaign. Because of her technology background, she understands how private sector tech firms like ours can contribute to securing the United States. While she was here, Carly stopped by our office to see some of what we’ve built. (We even got her on our badminton court!)

Carly Fiorina with a few of Zco Corporation's employees

She then moved upstairs to a town hall to answer questions from the audience regarding cyber security and technology’s role in national defense, as well as citizen responsibility and equal pay for equal work.

It was a great honor to host Carly. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend!

Carly Fiorina smiles during a town hall campaign event