The latest version of the web’s programming language, HTML5, has finally reached a tipping point. The devices most consumers use have evolved to take full advantage of the graphic and interactive capabilities of HTML5, so anyone putting out a new game for the masses should consider HTML5 game development.

With the latest web browsers, HTML5 apps require no special plug-ins or extra software to run. They can be optimized to render neatly on smartphone screens, making them perfect for mobile use or in side windows next to whatever you’re working on at your desk.

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HTML5 games – and all other HTML5 apps – work on all mobile and desktop operating systems, from iOS and Android to Windows and Linux. That means having to only write and deploy once, without re-coding for multiple platforms.

Another huge advantage? HTML5 apps can live totally online, giving the owner complete control over updates, advertising, and availability.

  • Updates: If a game needs to be changed for any reason, it can be done quickly and without re-submitting it to various app stores. As soon as the change is made, every user visiting the game’s location online is playing the current version.
  • Advertising: Ads can be displayed within or around the game based on user or advertiser feedback. Tweaking ads can help maximize revenue from a game.
  • Availability: Need to yank the game offline, temporarily or permanently? Done. It’s never been installed on users’ devices, so when the game’s lifecycle is over, it can just disappear.

Being online also allows users to share the game quickly and easily with just a link. Friends don’t need to install anything; they just visit the same web page. That makes a game all the more likely to attract lots of users and go viral.

Sharing via links has another benefit, too: games can be collected and featured on websites frequented by gamers. There are even sites dedicated to HTML5 games specifically, like and

Like any programming language, HTML5 is a tool with advantages and disadvantages. Using it does not guarantee a quality app, but with skilled developers, all of its benefits can be brought to bear on a project.

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