Five Takeaways from the Pixel 2 Event

If you were looking for a pure and distinct contrast to Apple’s iPhone X launch event last month, you didn’t have to look any further than today’s Google’s Pixel 2 event. Hardware announcements came fast and furious, with Google announcing a myriad of new iterations of their hardware, as well as several wholly new products.…

Companies Innovating Their SaaS Products

The enterprise SaaS market has become extremely competitive. As a result, software development companies are trying to innovate their products to make them attractive to enterprise clients. In this article, we’re going to examine some of the newest features introduced by several different SaaS companies.

Why Do Companies Use Software as a Service

One of the most important recent trends in mobile software is the pivot to the “Software as a Service” model, or SaaS. The rise of applications like Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Dropbox has transformed the entire landscape of the industry, upending the long-held methods of software distribution.

HoloKit Brings Mixed Reality to the Masses

Last month at the Augmented World Expo, Amber Garage introduced HoloKit: a low-cost solution to create mixed-reality experiences for users. It includes a HeadKit cardboard headset and TrackKit software. It’s simple, cheap, and instant. All that’s needed is a mobile phone, a pair of Fresnel lenses, and a cardboard frame with mirrors. Unlike Google Cardboard,…