The Video-Only Social Network



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Bringing Users Together Through Shared Experiences

Vooster is an innovative social platform that allows its users to upload videos online and share them with others. Users maintain interactive feeds that allow their networks of friends to react to videos with their own, all without text. Users can subscribe to their friends, whose feeds are displayed on their 'Home' screen, to get the latest updates in their network.

Vooster offers strict privacy controls, and all user content is stored securely in the cloud. This is a new kind of social network built for today's media consumers.



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The Idea

A True Video-Only Social Platform

Video is one of the most compelling forms of social media. Anyone with a smartphone can become their own videographer, filming their personal adventures and experiences as they unfold. Vooster started as an idea to take that form of visual and audio storytelling and build an entire social network around it, making video the sole form of communication for its users.

It was a bold idea, and it required talented programmers and designers to implement the project as its creators envisioned it.

Vooster Video App - Video Screen

Creating a dedicated video social network from scratch would've been difficult, but Zco was able to work directly with us to make it a reality. We're thrilled with how the app came out.

- Zach Liptak, Creator

The Process

Vooster App Process Screen

Speed, Optimization, and Efficiency

With a platform based purely on video communication, we knew we needed to find efficient ways to quickly transmit user videos. On the frontend, we had to ensure the content loaded quickly and smoothly, even over a mobile connection. Our engineers decided to utilize a custom video software codec to optimize smartphone video for quick uploads and downloads. The interface, too, needed to be quickly accessible, and allow users to easily find friends and record videos on the fly.

We went with a flat aesthetic design that reflected Vooster's bold branding and color scheme. We worked alongside the app's creators over many iterations to fine-tune the software to their exact specifications.

The Results

Vooster Video App - Users Screen

A Social Video Sharing Experience

Vooster successfully launched on the Apple App Store, where it can be downloaded for free. Users enjoy its slick user interface and experience while they tell their own stories, respond directly to their friends' videos, and react to other users' uploads. All content produced by Vooster's users are stored and backed up on servers utilizing the latest encryption and privacy measures.

The final result is a fresh entry that stands head and shoulders above other social networks because of its unique interface and focus on communication between its users. We were happy to play a role in Vooster's creation and introduction to the world.



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