Zco Reviews and Testimonials

Learn about client experiences through video reviews and testimonials

  • Zco app review by John Forcucci of NHPR Radio

    New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) discusses its first foray into app development with Zco Corporation. NHPR's app allows customers to access live NHPR broadcasts, past shows, and local, national, and international news. Users can even donate to the radio station through the app - or send themselves an email reminder to make a donation later. Read More

    John Forcucci
  • Zco Review Eck App with Jimmy Dunn

    Comedian Jimmy Dunn, creator of the Eck App, talks about working with Zco in this revealing video. The Eck App, created for Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley, formerly of the Oakland Athletics and the Boston Red Sox, includes features like: the Eck'pedia, What the Eck?, and Eck Yourself. Read More

    Jimmy Dunn
    Eck App
  • Colorado vNet iPad App with Zco Reviews

    Listen to Colorado vNet's Tom McCarthy share his thoughts on working with Zco. The Colorado vNet iPad app controls CCTV, music, lighting and other features in homes and hotels. Read More

    Tom McCarthy
    Colorado vNet
  • iLinks app with Review of Zco by Michael Moon

    Michael Moon from 4M development shares his Zco review regarding his custom-built iPad and iPhone application. iLinks gives you a way to comprehensively search the iTunes app store to find apps you never even knew existed. Read More

    Michael Moon
  • Review for NameCatcher App by Zco Corporation

    NameCatcher, Kelly Nowlin and Lisa Gordon's app, was developed by Zco Corporation. The app allows users to record names when they meet a person and helps them remember that name later. Read More

    Kelly & Lisa
    Catcher in the Sky
  • Jim Midgley review about PublicEye

    Jim Midgley and the Pelham, New Hampshire Fire Department has incorporated PublicEye with their Toughbook’s and smartphones. Features such as GPS navigation, mapping and overlaying of critical infrastructure have been implemented.

    Jim Midgley
  • Zco Application Review from Fred Abbo EMR

    The Abbo EMR iPad app (now reference to as Track My Health) allows patients and doctors to enter and view patient medical information in real time. Zco created this state-of-the-art medical records application for Dr. Fred Abbo, President of Abbo, EMR. Read More

    Dr. Abbo
    Abbo EMR
  • Zco app review StoryPages with Ben Kopf

    Ben Kopf of SpinThought, Inc. talks about Zco Corporation and the development of StoryPages, his app for iPhone and iPad. StoryPages helps users create illustrated pages or guides. Read More

    Ben Kopf
  • Zco Corporation Review of the iSnare iPad App

    Gifted drum instructor Eric Riccio shares his experience working with Zco Corporation. iSnare, Riccio's iPad app, uses high-quality simulation to give users a realistic experience while learning or perfecting drum skills. Read More

    Eric Riccio
  • Zco Review of Brag Book for iPhone

    Dorinda Bordlee shares a look into the development process and the app development experience from the customer's point of view. Zco created Bordlee's iPhone photo album app, Brag Book, and marketed it with a promotional video. Read More

    Dorinda Bordlee
    Brag Book
  • Tim Schoenberg

    Tim Schoenberg, creator of the Work Shop app, talks about his experience with Zco during the app's development. Work Shop allows users to order building supplies quickly while comparing the cost between multiple local vendors, ensuring the best price. Read More

    Tim Schoenberg
    Work Shop
  • DVDFind Zco app review from Don Bourke

    Don Bourke, creator of the DVDFind app, shows off DVDFind's features and shares his experiences working with Zco. Read More

  • Word-Ed App in iPhone, Ed Barone Giving Zco Reviews

    Ed Barone talks about his gaming app Word-Ed, along with his experience working with Zco. Word-Ed is a word search game for one or two players. You remove tiles by rolling the die to find the hidden words. Read More

    Ed Barone