Reliable Security for Travelers



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A Safer Ridesharing Experience

SafeRideWalkSafe is a mobile phone app that provides real-time updates to its users’ networks of friends and families while traveling. The software alerts the user’s contacts when they begin their trip, when a user has arrived safely at their destination, and when a user fails to arrive at a predetermined location.



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The Idea

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Safety Through Communication

Mobile device connectivity has revolutionized the way travellers get around while they’re abroad. Ride-sharing startups like Uber and Lyft have ushered in the era of convenient ride-hailing services. However, like every other major technological advance, there are tradeoffs. Compared to a traditional taxi service, there is a relative lack of accountability for ridesharing workers.

While incidents like robberies and kidnappings are rare, they are still a possibility that consumers must take into consideration. In this era of total digital interconnectivity, there needs to be a way to safely use these ridesharing services while maintaining personal safety. Enter SafeRideWalkSafe.

This app would be designed to minimize the risks of ridesharing and travelling. The software would function as an emergency beacon for its users. Its key ability would be broadcasting the last known location of a user to their friends and family if they did not check in with the app upon arriving safely at their destination. This idea would depend on a bulletproof implementation, as users would rely on this app to keep them safe.

Zco was exceptionally responsive to our requests. They have been happy to share their applied expertise and advise us when we had questions about the best approach to take to solve a problem or address an issue. Zco seamlessly added features to the app as our testing revealed the need for them.

- SafeRideWalkSafe creator Greg Czarowski

The Process

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Creating a Mobile Distress Beacon

Working closely with the client, Zco identified the core elements of the software that were most important to its success:

  • Social Media Connectivity
  • Sharing of Detailed Locational Data
  • Automated Notifications and Alerts

We worked quickly to implement these elements using agile development sprint cycles. Every major revision was submitted to our client in order to incorporate their feedback into the next revision. Through these developmental iterations, we honed the app and ensured that it met our client’s requirements.

The Results

A Discrete and Powerful Security Solution

The final app represents a dramatic leap forward at offering personalized safety for users travelling. By utilizing the latest locational technologies and an accessible user interface, the software empowers people to use ridesharing and taxi services and travel without fear.

SafeRideWalkSafe also has larger applications outside of individual users, including institutional and enterprise-level applications. “We see SafeRideWalkSafe as a potential corporate benefit for companies looking to keep their employees safe while they are traveling,” says Czarnowski. “We also see it as a safety feature that colleges could offer to their students to keep them safer when traveling both on and off campus.” The possibilities for SafeRideWalkSafe have only increased since its launch and we are proud to work on a project with public safety at the core of its mission.



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