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Trash Pickup Re-Imagined

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Pick Pink allows your trash and recycling to be picked up with the push of a button. The service’s on-demand trash service is less expensive, offers free recycling, supports your local neighbor, and donates 10% of its profits to cancer research. Save money, support your community, and help the environment all at once.

Customers can schedule either one-time or weekly trash pickup, for one or multiple trash cans, as well as large appliances and furniture. The app was also designed for trash haulers, who once registered with their local government as a garbage collector, are assigned one or more service areas with 12 pickup locations each. Pick Pink harnesses the power of the sharing economy to make the world a better, cleaner place.



The Idea

Inspired by the Courage of Cancer Patients

Pick Pink was created by twin brothers Bryan and Chris Elsey to help in the fight against cancer through the sharing economy. Many people are directly affected by cancer, and the creators are no exception. Bryan and Chris’ mom Kathy Elsey has an incurable blood cancer called Multiple Melanoma. Fortunately for Kathy, research was already completed by the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation that helped save her life.

Inspired by the research, the brothers set to work designing an app that wouldn’t only help others in the battle against cancer, but create a sharing economy around waste and recycling.

Zco was able to create the app to all of our specifications, while also revising the app according to our needs and being responsive to any other requests. Zco was always very responsive when we had an issue. We sent our requests to the team in India and received results the next morning. Zco was a professional company.

- Co-Creator of Pick Pink

The Process

Image for Pick Pink Mobile App Process

Creating a Community

When Zco was contracted for Pick Pink’s development, the creators already had a clear vision for the way the software was going to work. Their concept helped our designers and coders move quickly through agile development to produce a working prototype. The software needed to support several key features from the start:

  • Connect users to haulers through a central server
  • Support messaging and feedback between users
  • Securely handle payments through the app
  • Provide users the ability to rate haulers
  • Link user accounts to credit cards
  • Integrate location services for hauler navigation

With the core features established, the project proceeded though the iterative development process. Incorporating client feedback throughout the process, each iteration of the software became more enhance with each development milestone. This also allowed for rigorous testing of the app design and the implementation of a robust and straightforward user interface, making the app accessible to users from all backgrounds. 

The Results

A New Way to Remove Trash and Recycling

Upon its release, Pick Pink was one of the first apps to change the waste and recycling economy. The rating system allows users to give valuable feedback to haulers. Payment and credit card details are safely secured using encryption, and the app itself is compatible across both iOS and Android devices. The creators of the app were able to fulfill their initial goal of supporting cancer research organizations, including:

  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Defeat GBM, National Brain Tumor Society
  • Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

For Zco, this project wasn’t only an opportunity to provide a client with a high-quality product. It was a chance to produce software that makes a real difference in other peoples’ lives. We are immensely proud to have been a part of the process, from the beginning of the app’s development to its simultaneous launch on iOS and Android.



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