Meeting Mapper

A Powerful Collaboration Tool



Two smartphone images shows Meeting Mapper App - A powerful collaboration tool

Keeping Meetings Organized

All sales opportunities and projects start and end with meetings. It’s what you capture in those meetings that decides if you win the opportunity or your project comes to a successful completion. Using Meeting Mapper, you not only capture notes (internal and external) but the role, stance and level of participation of all the meeting attendees and assign next steps or action items. What you do with this information is also very critical. Meeting Mapper makes it easy to share this information with others.




The Idea

The image shows the original idea of Meeting Mapper App

Ingenuity Meets Invention

The original idea for Meeting Mapper came to its creator during a meeting he was attending. As a sales engineer, meetings were a constant necessity for Travis Davis. He meticulously documented each meeting, gathering notes on every meeting topic, along with the stance every attendee took toward the topic and their role in the discussion.

The process proved invaluable at making Davis’ meetings more productive, but it was cumbersome. He wanted a way to consolidate all the information relevant to a meeting in one place. Doing it on paper just didn’t cut it.

We worked very well together. I had some ideas, they came up with graphic design, which was great. The team is very professional. I miss working with Zco every day!

- Travis Davis, Designer of Meeting Mapper

The Process

Digitizing An Analog Process

Image shows app development process of Meeting Mapper App

By the time he got in touch with Zco, Davis had developed a detailed design for the app. He knew his software needed to function natively on iOS. It needed to be intuitive and quick-to-use throughout the duration of a meeting. Working closely with Zco’s project managers, Davis’ was able to translate his experience in high-level sales environments into a strong design direction.

With the help of our designers and artists, we were able to craft an easy-to-use UI/UX around the design, specially optimized for fast-moving business and sales discussions. Through our agile development model, we delivered new builds of the app to Davis and quickly integrate his feedback into the project.

The Results

A Productivity Boost For Any Meeting

After the development process ended, Davis was left with a product that reflected his initial idea. Meeting Mapper is a fully functional application that achieves the goals its creator envisioned before a single line of code was written. Through continued updates, the app has introduced new features to users, as well as addressing the few bugs that came up after the initial development ended. Meeting Mapper is a prime example of Zco’s teams collaborating with a customer to deliver their idea from the whiteboard all the way to the App Store.



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