Insane Eagles

Family Friendly Fun In The Skies



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Fast Paced Action in Stunning 3D

Insane Eagles is an engaging 3D flight game available for free download on iOS and Android mobile devices. Players choose from five different species of eagles and level them up them as they fly through colorful environments and use their eagle’s talons to catch a variety of animals.

Players challenge themselves to achieve high scores, competing against other players around the world to see who can fly the fastest in the time trials.


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The Idea

Combining Two Distinct Genres

The original idea for Insane Eagles stemmed from the creator’s experience playing games from different genres. Insane Concepts’ Justin Perez wanted to combine the compelling second-to-second gameplay of infinite runner games with smooth and intuitive motion controls available to mobile devices.

Making Perez’s idea a reality was going to require not just the right technology, but the artistry and creativity to make it stand out in the market. That’s where Zco entered the picture.

As an avid gamer, I always wanted to develop a title of my own. Our first game, Insane Eagles, is a new concept. It combines the elements of an endless runner game with flying controls and energy replenishment.

- Jason Perez, Founder of Insane Games

The Process

The image for When playing the Insane Eagles Game to Reach next level

Unleashing The Power Of Unity

To translate the concept for Insane Eagles into a fully realized piece of software, we knew we needed a platform that would empower our artists and coders. The platform would also have to allow our designers to prototype quickly, allowing us to integrate feedback from our client. Unity met our requirements perfectly.

A powerful engine capable of deploying to many platforms, Unity has been used in some of today’s most popular games. Its support for a wide array of art asset formats, its collection of powerful tools, and our teams’ experience with the engine meant we were able to iterate quickly and efficiently to accommodate our client’s direction.

The Results

An Engrossing Mobile Game

The image shows the level of insane eagle gameThe image shows the insane eagle game play

After rigorous quality assurance testing, Insane Eagles landed on both Android and iOS marketplaces as a polished game experience. Just as our client had envisioned, it seamlessly combined the infinite runner genre with engaging motions controls and unlockable characters. A robust backend infrastructure allows players to compete against each other for high scores, as well as track their eagle’s progress as they upgrade it.

Above everything else, Insane Eagles is fun to play. Its deep progression system and responsive controls offer users a compelling gameplay experience. It was also an ideal showcase of a client's creativity backed by Zco's technical and artistic abilities.



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