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The Future of Super Bowl Squares

Football Pulltabs allows players to play with anyone around the world, in their neighborhoods or their living rooms. Users can invite friends from their smartphone’s address book or Facebook to participate. Players don’t require the app to play. Game administrators can enter team names to allow non-app players to compete. It's convenient to use at home, at the bar, or anywhere users are watching the game.



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The Idea

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Football Squares for the Digital Age

The creators of Football Pulltabs are passionate sports fans. They share their passion for sports with millions of others. One of their favorite activities as devoted fans is playing football squares as they watch their teams face off against each other. However, playing squares requires a lot of coordination between the players in person, as well as an accessible way to chart the progress of all the players' teams.

The app's creators wanted to distill this experience into a digital form, and update the format for modern play. They knew it had to play seamlessly across a wide range of mobile devices, and that it would need to be optimized for mobile screens. They brought their app concept to Zco Corporation to see if we could execute their vision.

With Pulltab, we knew we were going to need a social component and a way to get the scores from NFL games in real-time. We didn't know if it would be possible, but Zco stepped up and were able to get all these features into the app.

- Justin Newman, Creator

The Process

Bringing An Established Format to Mobile

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The app creators had a very specific vision for how the app would run, how players would connect and compete with each other, and how to integrate social media into the application. Guided by their vision, we identified and implemented several key features for the app. First and foremost was the app's integration with live NFL games. Using a customized API, we were able to sync the app with live games, updating users' squares as the game progressed.

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Another important aspect of the app would be its integration with social media. Users should easily be able to recruit their friends to play, whether they had the app or not. Through extensive UI/UX testing and design iterations, our designers struck a balance between accessibility and playability for players. All throughout development, we integrated valuable feedback from the client to fine-tune the app and its UI/UX.

The Results

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A Versatile Squares App for Everyone

After development concluded on the app, we were happy to help launch one of the most feature-complete and interactive football squares apps on the market. Users can easily invite others to play. The app’s ability to sync with live NFL games has introduced a new layer of excitement for fans rooting for their favorite teams.

Football Pulltabs is also compatible with virtually any other team-based sport, meaning users can create squares for high school and college games as well. Through close collaboration with its creators, we were able to help Football Pulltabs secure its place on the market as the premiere sports squares app.



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