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Create A New Conversation

Bubblelingo is a one of a kind, colorful, and unique way to connect with friends. Utilizing a comprehensive built-in set of emoticons and bubbles, users can quickly craft custom messages.

Going beyond standard messaging, Bubblelingo allows user to customize chat messages with wallpapers, emoticons, clipart, photos, animated bubbles and more. With Bubblelingo, you can invite friends to connect through your phone contacts or Facebook.


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The Idea

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Enhanced Messaging For Everyone

Faced with a unique challenge of creating a seamless yet robust messaging app, Bubblelingo and Zco set out to create an app that allowed individuals to create unique conversations.

With traditional messaging apps limiting conversations to pictures, text, or emojis, Bubblelingo strived to be the first of its kind to allow users to combine multiple assets like emoticons, pictures, text, and more to create personalized messages.

The Process

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Speaking The Same Lingo

Creating the Bubblelingo app required careful attention to detail, planning, and a forward thinking approach from the start to ensure every component of the app was accounted for. Utilizing an iterative development approach, the process included a collaborative creation of system requirements, UI design requirement documents, and initial design storyboards of Bubblelingo’s complete user interface and experience.

This included the creation of use cases that drove development, testing, verification, and validation to allow for experiences from basic tasks, like inviting friends and clearing chats, to developing complex messages and In-App purchases.

The Results

The Future Of Messaging

Engineered for iOS and Android devices, Bubblelingo delivers a new era of conversations. The easy to navigate app provides users an interactive and unmatched messaging experience. Focused on enhanced usability, the Bubblelingo app gives users access to create media libraries of custom messages by combining speech bubbles, emoticons, colors, photos, wallpapers and more.

To deliver Bubblelingo in an easy-to-use, fast, and intuitive package, Zco utilized Swift, Java, .NET, and PHP while developing the app. Doing so allowed the app to share common usability and functionality across any operating system or device. Along with this Bubblelingo was developed with an extensive backend platform and database to securely manage app data, delivering the highest level of data security for user data and in-app purchases.



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