3D modeling, an important part of 3D animation

In the animation production process 3D modeling is a vital step, when a 3D modeler enhances a mere 2D concept and gives it a third dimension. It plays major role in 3D asset creation; 3D modeling is used by many industrial sectors including entertainment and media, gaming, architecture, advertising and marketing, and science and technology.

With the help of 3D modeling, one can demonstrate procedures or processes in a detailed way that helps the audience to understand it better. For example, an angioplasty procedure can be explained better with a 3D animation since the microscopic details cannot be viewed by the audience in a live-streamed procedure.

Traditionally, a powerful desktop computer was required to create an exceptional 3D model. In this smartphone age, where everything is just a tap away, you can create 3D models on your mobile device.

  • Verto StVerto Studio 3D creates 3d assets for mobile appsudio 3D - A great competitor to 3D desktop studio programs, this innovative and fully functional 3D modeling and graphic design app helps you create 3D models with your iPhone and iPad. Used by beginners, professional 3D modelers, and game developers, Verto Studio 3D helps to create the best 3D assets for mobile applications. The app comes with some advanced features like a GLSL shader editor, render pipeline editor, multiple file import/export formats, mesh generation support, and multiple editing features.  $13.99 for both iPhone and iPad.
  • Sage 3d helps to design and model 3D contentSage 3D Modeling and Printing - An app that lets you design and model 3D content without being an actual professional in the 3D modeling field, Sage is simple yet powerful. The app creates models based on cylindrical shapes and the curvatures of the sides can be adjusted to alter the model.  The various layers in the app known as stickers work as an added feature that lets you move, resize, and sort graphics without using another graphics program. $5.99 on iPad.

  • 123D Design helps to make 3D content123D Design – Right from the best known creators of 3D software, Autodesk, 123D Design helps you to create 3D content. Even beginners can train themselves with the app, connect shapes, and create great 3D models. The example kit and projects from other 123D Design users combine to form one of the best ways to get inspired to create more 3D models. Free on the iPad.

  • Spacedraw gives 3D content a professional touchSpacedraw – One of the leading 3D modeling apps for mobile devices, Spacedraw is considered to give 3D content a professional touch. The app provides exceptional features in drawing and constructing, polygon and patch modeling, texturing, and 3D painting. Multiple parameters, multi-touch points, and motion sensing are among the exceptional modeling features available on the app. Free for Android.

  • forger, 3D modeling app is reminiscent of Mayaforger- With one of the largest set of features available for any 3D modeling app, forger is reminiscent of Maya. The digital sculpting tool features include a built-in multitouch interface, various deformation brushes, ability to import & export OBJ files, partial mesh visibility, masks, and many more. The app easily syncs with software like Mudbox and ZBrush making it a staple 3D modeling app. $2.99 on both iPhone and iPad.

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