Into the Breach Needs to Be a Mobile Game

There’s no getting around it: Into the Breach, a mech strategy game from the makers of FTL, is one of the best tactics games released in recent memory and it deserves to be ported to mobile. Between its slick interface, single-screen action, and bite-sized rounds of combat, this might possibly the best mobile game that isn’t available on Android or iOS.

Into the Breach - a mech strategy game from the makers of FTL

The game’s tiny development team at Subset Games previously released FTL, a space adventure simulator that put players in charge of their own space ships and crews. While the game eventually came to iPad, Android and iPhone users were left out in the cold. Considering the interface for the game is largely based on point and click interactions, and players have the ability to pause the action at any time, mobile seems like a natural fit. Into the Breach, while not identical to FTL, is still particularly well suited to the same kind of mobile-friendly interface.

Subset’s new game is already racking up accolades and positive reviews. Critics are praising its intuitive interface, expressive 2D pixel art, and a deep level of tactical consideration thrust upon players. The depth to the gameplay, and the fact that users are asked to really consider each and every decision they’re making on the battlefield have made it a hit among diehard strategy buffs, casual players, and even puzzle gamers alike. Did I mention that Chris Avellone, one of the key writers behind games including Fallout, Neverwinter Nights, Planescape: Torment, and Prey, helped write the game?

Into the Breach – would be perfect for iOS and Android

What makes Into the Breach such a good fit for mobile gamers specifically is its core gameplay structure and interface. Because most of its inputs are point and click, this can easily be converted to touch input on devices. Its turn-based format ensures that players on the go don’t have to quit their games at inconvenient times. Finally, its 2D graphics, while distinct and immersive, aren’t very demanding of modern mobile hardware. For all these reasons and more, Into the Breach has the potential to be one of the most popular mobile games across both iOS and Android.

So, Subset Games, if you’re reading this, please consider porting your game over to mobile. We have an entire team that could help you do it. That’s what we do! We have a dedicated mobile game team that specializes in exactly this sort of thing. We’ve got artists, UI/UX designers, engineers, and programmers who are champing at the bit to make a mobile version of Into the Breach happen. Just let us know!