The Medical Revolution Created by Mobile Health Care Applications

Mobile technology is hugely significant to current health care systems. With the right apps, your smartphone can become your personalized health checker. Wish you could have a regular check on your blood sugar or blood pressure without actually going to a clinic? Medical apps can help, saving you time as well as money.

It’s not just the patient who relies on medical or health care apps - there are apps to serve medical professionals as well. Mobile applications have become powerful tools in creating awareness about health, revolutionizing health care education, improving on the doctor patient relationship, and more. The modern mantra seems to be, “an app a day keeps the doctor away.”

Some of the most significant healthcare apps include:

  • Medscape: Medscape Clinical Apps DevelopmentUsed by many doctors, medical students, and other health care professionals to obtain clinical information. The app comes with features like medical news and critical alerts, a clinical reference, articles and more. The app includes the largest database on medical drugs with more than 8000 drug brands in the list. Moreover, the app also includes info about different diseases and their conditions, various medical procedures and much more. The app serves more than 3 million medical professionals.


  • DocbookMD: DocbookMD Medical Apps DevelopmentWith the help of this app, physicians can exchange any HIPAA-compliant multi-media files like X-rays, EKGs, and other information with their colleagues.  With this app to speed up consultations, patient care is truly enhanced.



  • SimMon: App To measure Blood PressureSimMon is a simulation of a patient vital signs monitor for medical training. Blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and heart rate can be adjusted on one iOS device for display on another. The app not only saves the cost of modern simulation devices but with its dynamic settings can train medical students exceptionally well.


  • First Aid by American Red Cross: Smartphone Health Apps DevelopmentThis is one handy app that could save you in an emergency situation by providing you the essential knowledge of first aid. The systematic instructions, video learning, safety tips, and preloaded content give the user complete lifesaving knowledge. The app is integrated with 911, letting you call the EMS at any point. The user can also earn badges through the interactive quizzes in the app, making it informative and interactive on your own schedule.


  • Epocrates: Epocrates Health App BuilderMore than one million active members use Epocrates, which helps the user to access clinical resources quickly and conveniently. Epocrates enhances patient care with the help of its drug prescription reviews, drug-to-drug interaction (up to 30 drugs) information, pill identification through imprint code, and much more.


These are some of the top health care apps, which have brought a radical change in the medical sector. Are you a medical professional or organization with an idea that could enhance patient care even more? Email us to get started on your own medical app.

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Smart TV Apps Bring Interactivity to the Living Room

Here at Zco Corporation, we spend a lot of time talking about mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, but the mobile device platform isn’t the only one that’s seen an explosion of apps in recent years. There’s also the flat screen television that lives in an increasing number of homes.

A recent report from Parks Associates points to the increasing popularity of smart TVs, also known as connected TVs. This year, smart TVs are expected to be in nearly 25 percent of all US households, and almost 80 percent of those owners are regular app users.Smart TV App

"Seventy-nine percent of smart TV owners are regular app users, but the use cases for TV apps are different than smartphones and tablets," said Heather Way, Senior Research Analyst at Parks Associates. "TV viewing is a lean-back, shared experience, with apps as access points to complementary content, whereas smartphone app use is more personalized."

For now, the majority of apps used on televisions stream video – Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, that sort of thing. That makes sense, given the television’s central location in living rooms, viewable by the whole family. It’s also not a platform on which you want to perform a lot of typing. It’s TV. You want to relax.

Another common category for smart TV app development is games. Your basic television remote control lends itself well to casual games, the kind adored by millions of Facebook users. Some models now support motion detection, so the remote can act as a wand that controls the on-screen cursor with just a wave of the hand.

The TV app development world is still somewhat fragmented, as each brand of television has its own app store. For that reason, working with a smart TV developer can be the most effective way to ensure that an app can be made for Sharp, Sony, LG, Philips, Samsung, Panasonic, Vizio, and other brands of television, not to mention set-top boxes and game consoles like Roku, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

If you’re working on a smart TV app, Zco Corporation can help develop, polish, and distribute it far and wide. Email us to speak with an expert!

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HTML5 May Offer Less to Users than Native Apps For Now

You’ve read about the rise of HTML5 in mobile application development and maybe it made you wonder why people still design apps for specific platforms. After all, if your app can go out to Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and iOS users through the power of HTML5, why bother with other application development methods? HTML5 is fantastic, but there are plenty of good reasons to design apps for specific platforms.

First, HTML5 is still not a formal standard. It’s a great update to HyperText Markup Language, but it’s not 100 percent HTML5-Logoconsistent between browsers and runtimes; it’s also not 100 percent understood how it can be used yet. It’s good to push the boundaries of web and application design, but when you’re working on an app you may have other priorities.

Concerns like excellent 3D animation, application design, and marketing should take top billing over exploring the limits of HTML5 (at least while you’re designing your app). Focusing on the cool new features present in HTML5 isn’t going to make your app better; if anything, focusing on HTML5 instead of your app will split your focus. You’re not hoping to see HTML5 go viral– you want to see your app on every smartphone and tablet.

Next, HTML5 is less able to take advantage of platform or device-specific features. This means that the user experience may suffer somewhat, since native apps will be designed with one kind of user in mind while an HTML5 app must be generic to cater to everyone.

In other words, you can only use features that every platform supports if you use HTML5 to deploy your app to every user. If an iOS user is familiar with iOS interface and apps, then your app may feel strange or unwieldy to that user when it is released via HTML5. An app that doesn’t resonate with a user may be one that is rarely opened or, worse, uninstalled.

While HTML5 apps are less expensive than creating the same program to run as a native app on multiple platforms, your mileage may vary. A well-designed app is going to generate more buzz than an app that doesn’t satisfy customers. It may be difficult to reach those customers with an HTML5 app because, at this time, the top app stores are iOS, Amazon and Google Play - none of which are HTML5 app stores.

While many are positive about the rise of HTML5 apps, there’s no reason to think native apps will go the way of the dinosaur anytime soon. HTML5 brings a lot of great things to the table and will provide lots of benefits for mobile device users. It’s new, it’s exciting, but it just isn’t the only fish in the sea.

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Android Solidifies Lead in Smartphone War

Android phones made up more than half of the smartphones sold in the US in the three months ending February 2013, according to a new report.

The Kantar Worldpanel ComTech USA report pegged the proportion of Android devices at 51.2 percent of all smartphones sold in the US in that time period. In second place, as one might expect, was Apple’s iOS, the operating system that runs the iPhone, with 43.5 percent of the market.

Android’s numbers amounted to a 5.8 percentage point growth compared to the same period the previous year, while iOS went down by 3.5 percentage points. Android is undeniably taking a lead in the smartphone war, but it’s no longer a two-horse race.World Class Android Apps Development

Way back in third sits Windows Phone, and it has a lot of catching up to do. With just 4.1 percent of the US market in the three months ending February 2013, Microsoft’s entry is ever so slowly gaining market share. It easily beat BlackBerry, which went from 3.6 percent of the market a year ago to just 0.7 percent this time around.

BlackBerry at least has the excuse of a brand new operating system debuting after this measurement was taken, so consumers were leery of buying in before the changeover. For Microsoft, this was right on the heels of the release of Windows Phone 8.

Across other world markets, Android holds an even more commanding sales lead. In Australia, Android leads iOS 61.4 percent to 32.5 percent; in Great Britain, 58.3 percent to 29.0 percent; and in Germany, 71 percent to 18.7 percent. In Mexico, while Android captured 55.8 percent of sales, iOS accounted for just 6.8 percent, and BlackBerry retained a quite respectable 20.2 percent.

All this means that while Android is dominant, it’s hardly the only game in town. When planning your app distribution strategy, keep these sales share statistics in mind. Email us to get started on your app!

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Try These Essential Apps for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry apps have gained momentum, especially with the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. With the most popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, and Whatsapp coming to the BlackBerry platform, what more can we experience in BlackBerry 10? Here’s a list of some of the best BlackBerry Apps:

  • Password KeeperPassword Keeper App DeveloperKeeping your password and other login details secure is the one of the prime concerns of any smartphone user. On the BlackBerry platform, Password Keeper is the best option that lets you store the login data from a single location.  Developed by Research In Motion Limited, the app comes with some impressive features like auto lock, importing the app data from a previous BlackBerry phone, random password creation and more.


  • Expense TrackerExpense Tracker App DevelopmentDid you forget if your friends owe you some cash, or wondering how to keep a track of your regular expenses? Install Expense Tracker and you can rest assured. The app provides a complete history of your expenses with all details. It also helps you to track loans to be paid or the amount you owe to others. It is one of the best expense management solutions, which can help you with your financial worries.


  • Connect to Dropbox - Connect to Dropbox App DeveloperConnect to Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage systems that allow you to access your data in Dropbox. The user can access an existing account or create a new Dropbox account to add, view, or edit files. Connect to Dropbox, developed by Research In Motion Limited, assures the safety and security of your data.


  • AccuWeatherAccuWeather  App For Weather NewsFinding it difficult to get weather updates? AccuWeather is the most reliable app to get weather news and information. Based on your GPS location, the app provides you with a day-to-day to 12-day weather forecasts, push alerts for severe weather conditions (US only), and more. It is one of the best-recommended apps for travelers as it provides updates on flight delays. Weather reports get automatic updates every hour, providing the user with accurate information.


  • Maps for Google mapsMaps For Google Maps App For BlackBerryLost in a new destination? Trying to figure out where you could find an ATM? With the help of Maps for Google maps, you can locate anything to everything. Voice guided navigation, various map modes, real-time traffic information, and Google Maps Street View are some of the brilliant features offered by the app.

Do you have an idea for a great BlackBerry app? Email us to start the process of bringing your inspiration to BlackBerry World!


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