Hybrid Cloud Computing Services and its Advantages

 Hybrid Cloud Computing

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Building Enterprise and Branded Apps with NFC

In business, setting yourself apart from the competition is crucial. While there are many ways to do this, one way is to find what sets you apart and makes people want to discover more of what you have to offer. One option to achieve this is by incorporating NFC into your enterprise and branded consumer apps.   What exactly is NFC?   NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Tap two NFC-capable devices together gently, or just hold them near each other, and share data....Nexus5 Near Field Communication

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Infographic: Your Employees are Already Using Mobile Apps with Company Information

Workers use whatever tools are at their disposal to get the job done. Increasingly, that means utilizing commercially available mobile apps that might not meet security requirements for your business.Enterprise Mobile Applications Infographic

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Develop Enterprise Apps To Enhance Your Business

Enterprise app development

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Beyond Fitness: The Future of Wearable Devices in Healthcare

Wearable Technology is the new bon mot (literally “good word”) in the healthcare market, with high growth potential and endless opportunities for high tech solutions. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has started a pilot program in their emergency department that equips the doctors with Google Glass, allowing them to sort through medical records without ever leaving the patient’s side.  In another hospital, a surgeon used Google Glass to consult with another...Wearable Devices in Healthcare

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