Creating Faces with 3D Animation

Building a realistic face in 3D animation is tough. Real tough. The face has more than 40 muscles, each moving independently to express happiness, confusion, or fear. There are fine hairs peppering a gentleman’s chin or coloring a woman’s arched brow. Skin is textured, freckled, and wrinkled. The eyes must convey light and shadow, intelligence and emotion. And don’t forget the hundreds of other variables like light sources, sweat, pores, teeth, and matching a speaking...3D facial animation

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MMO and Social Mobile Gaming Take Off

Mobile gaming is a dominating market, and people are starting to take notice.   In the first quarter of 2014, gaming made up 40% of all mobile app downloads, but 74% of mobile app revenue. Mobile usage as a whole grew fivefold in four years, reaching about 20% of media consumption in 2013. Mobile gaming is big… but what kind of gaming reigns supreme?Study examined over Game Players

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Why is Creating Hybrid Mobile Apps Becoming More Popular?

The power of hybrid app development is getting a lot more attention these days. Android and iOS dominate the market, but Windows Phone is growing and BlackBerry is hanging on. Why spend more developing separately for many platforms when you can build once and distribute to all of them? There are still different options when creating hybrid mobile apps. It depends upon the functionality and portability desired.Smartphones

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Zco Named Top iPhone App Development Company in the World

Zco named Top Best Web Design Agencies Top 50 iPhone App Development Companies

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UMass Lowell Students Learn About Bringing Apps to Market

Our very own Randy Peterson was asked to speak about app development at the University of Massachusetts Lowell campus last week. Organized by the Merrimack Valley Venture Forum, the evening was titled “Developing Apps: Bringing Apps to Market”. Featuring Randy as the keynote speaker, it also showcased ten teams of UMass Lowell computer science students. The teams displayed their application development projects during the networking portions of the program. Student...Randy Peterson speak about app development

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