Beyond Fitness: The Future of Wearable Devices in Healthcare

Wearable Technology is the new bon mot (literally “good word”) in the healthcare market, with high growth potential and endless opportunities for high tech solutions. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has started a pilot program in their emergency department that equips the doctors with Google Glass, allowing them to sort through medical records without ever leaving the patient’s side.  In another hospital, a surgeon used Google Glass to consult with another...Wearable Devices in Healthcare

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Augmented Reality Glasses on the Horizon Now

The term Augmented Reality (AR) describes digitally enhancing a view of a physical, real-world environment. Elements such as text, graphics, and video are overlaid on what a user sees. One way to view these enhanced images is through AR glasses. Check out some of the current AR glasses that have hit the market.   To begin, we start with Google Glass. Hacks are plentiful for using Glass with Google’s own AR game, Ingress, and speculation abounds that official support might...Vuzix M2000AR, this see-through AR system design offers hands-free access to information for industrial users, training personnel, etc.

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Matt Cestone Presents Beermont Stakes, the Game of Playing Cards, Horse Racing, and Drinks

The mobile app deals out drinks, suits, and scores   A new mobile app called Beermont Stakes combines horse racing, enjoying drinks, and playing cards. The animated game was developed for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. A simulated race decides the number of drinks that gets passed out upon completion of the game. Beermont Stakes is now available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.beermont stakes horse racing game app

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NiteHawk, the Hybrid App from NiteOWL, Announced for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Rate and share leisure spots with mobile social networking app NiteHawk, a new app for iPhone, iPad, and Android, helps users to find and rank the leisure spots close to them. It is available for free in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The app provides listings of hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, and lounges in the United States.  Once registered with the app, the user can rank and comment about each leisure spot. Users can connect with each other and see new ranks...nitehawk is a social networking app

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How To Get Your Mobile App Noticed (After Release)

Last week, we talked about generating buzz for an app before it hits the market. What about the app that’s already out there? Post-release marketing takes you from the initial launch through updates and, ideally, growing success. Keep advertising. Web and mobile ads can still be used to promote your now running app. In print, QR codes can be implemented into magazines, press releases, onto your website etc. for people to scan and download your app directly. Encourage...Mobile Ads Display Location

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