The Sticker App Released by Jeff Ceresnie for iPhone and iPad

The free iOS app allows users to create, express, and share.

Stickers, mostly noted for being on your papers in elementary school, are about to become a mobile trend with the launch of a brand new app, The Sticker App. This mobile application gives users a new outlet to create, share, and pin sticker masterpieces. It is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

cool-sticker-appThe drive to create, express, and share lead to the development of The Sticker App. These ideas inspired developing the three features in the application. Creation, the first feature in the app allows users to create custom stickers by combining pre-loaded images and text. The users can express their ideas and views with the help of custom stickers.  Once the sticker is saved, it is added to virtual sticker boards where the images are shared with other sticker fans.

The creator of The Sticker App, Jeff Ceresnie states, “Our smart devices are capable of so much, yet we are very limited in how we can express ourselves. I wanted to bridge that gap by giving users a simple, intuitive and powerful toolset to create virtually limitless possibilities.”

Apart from being a mobile sticker board, the app also integrates with other social media tools. The Sticker App is integrated with Facebook and Twitter that allow the users to share stickers with other people who are yet to get the application. By combining other platforms with The Sticker App, it lets designers display their creations on various sites.

About the Creator
Jeff Ceresnie, The Sticker App creator, is a 26-year-old trendsetter in the industry is headquartered at Neptune Beach, FL. With a media arts and videography background, Ceresnie aspired to give mobile app users a new creative outlet that could be accessed anywhere at any time.

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What is Web Application Development?

Let’s begin with what a web application is.

  • A web application is an application that is retrieved over a network. The application can only be used within a browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.
  • Web application development is popular because of the convenience of using it in a web browser. Another popularity factor is having the ability to update and maintain the web application without installing any software onto computers.
  • Examples of web applications are, online retail stores or webmail.
  • It can be a free service, such as Google Docs, or it can be an at cost service.

Next, web application interface will be discussed.

  • Methods like playing sounds or drawing are all part of application methods. Technologies such as Flash Java and DHTML make these functions possible.
  • Client side interface allows for the user to interact with the application, but not reload the page every so often.
  • An example of client side scripting with server side technology is known as PHP. PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor and is used as a general-purpose scripting language.
  • PHP web application development can set a web page apart from all others. PHP provides building blocks to provide rapid application development.

Web application development has a structure to the design. Each application is broken into tiers, and each tier is assigned a role.

  • The most common web application is the three-tiered application. Each tier is represented by a name.
  • In three-tiered development the names are, first to third tier:

Presentation- In this step the web browser is selected.

Application- In this tier you pick and begin developing your web application with the technology you want to develop on.

Storage- In this tier the database is presented. This will allow for queries and updates to be made.

Writing a web application takes expert knowledge.

  • To produce exceptional web sites that effectively marry technology and design you must use a web developer. Using expert PHP developers, functional analysts, and creative designers ensure that your application will not only look good, but will be easy to use, fast, and highly functional.

Business use for web applications is growing rapidly.

  • Demand for custom web applications stretches the efforts and resources of internal IT departments beyond reason. The situation gets worse when new technologies emerge or when sophisticated functionalities have to be introduced.
  • Web applications allow a common interface for everyone using it. It is good for interoffice work because everyone is on a single platform, and removes gaps in functionalities.
  • A popular, and current, example of a successful web application is SalesForce. is the enterprise cloud computing company that is helping companies connect to customers and employees like never before. Their motto is Low Cost. Low Risk. Fast Results.

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Mobile Healthcare Apps: How Mobile Technology is Changing the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is about to hit the innovation ground running. Healthcare sectors are moving mobile and adopting different technologies including healthcare apps and medical apps to aide in productivity and patient relations. Some doctors, nurses, and professionals might be nervous to jump on the bandwagon, but there’s no need to worry: moving mobile and implementing medical applications is a positive change for the healthcare industry.

Why healthcare providers are going mobile

There are five key benefits of moving mobile, according to “Mobile Apps Help Caregivers, Hospitals Build Strong Patient Relationships.”

The first reason mobile is implemented is due to use of electronic health record systems. These systems are similar to shared files and databases commonly used in offices now, and by creating mobile apps that allow caregivers 24/7 access to this information they are able to update and evaluate patients in real-time.

Mobile Healthcare AppsThe second reason to implement mobile into a healthcare system is to provide more timely care. Mobile applications are able to provide real-time updates to both doctors and patients about test results, and the doctor would then be able to provide a remote diagnosis.

The third reason to use a mobile system is to provide a streamlined experience for the patient. By integrating apps between facilities it would prevent patients, and doctors from duplicate efforts, and in an emergency situation can save time and allow for better care.

The fourth reason is to provide patients access to meaningful health records. By simplifying healthcare terminology in easy-to-manage information, patients will be able to have full access to their healthcare information and can be more informed about their current health status.

The final reason is to allow patients to proactively manage care. If patients are able to view and take ownership of their health it could in turn lower healthcare costs.

All five key benefits focus on the ability to empower the patient, improve communication, and improve the caregiver and patient relationship.

Healthcare facilities implementing mobile technology today

The Ottawa Hospital adopted mobile technology to improve patient care, providing thousands of physicians with mobile devices. By having mobile devices the doctors were able to review health records in real time, which allowed more time with patients and in some situations became life-saving.

Boston Children’s Hospital is also adopting new technology. The hospital has implemented an application in their emergency department that allows test and lab results to be sent to a doctor as soon as they are completed. This application has a 28% faster delivery rate than sending the results without an app. In most cases this speed of delivery allows doctors to make critical decisions more quickly.

Existing healthcare providers have implemented mobile technology with impressive benefits to patient care. By streamlining access to information for both caregivers and patients, the entire experience is made more efficient. If you would like to mobilize your hospital or doctors’ office, speak to one of our experts by calling (603) 881-9200 or emailing us.

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Apple Gets Colorful with iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C

At a hotly anticipated event on September 10, Apple confirmed just about every rumor that had been swirling about its latest mobile phones. There were two models unveiled, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, both with features sure to please ardent fans.

Apple iPhone 5c


The 5C was presented first, and its brash color options were immediately obvious.  The phone itself comes in bright, nearly pastel green, blue, yellow, pink, and white tones. All those plus black are also available in $29 cases that feature round cutouts on the back to create dozens of color combos.

The one-piece polycarbonate plastic body is a bit of a departure from the metal build of recent iPhones, but the inside has a steel-reinforced frame. Also built in is a familiar A6 processor, 8-megapixel camera, and 4-inch Retina display – all just like the iPhone 5. Apple does claim a higher capacity battery than the last iteration.

The iPhone 5 is no longer offered at all on the Apple Store. An 8GB version of the 4S is now offered for free, with the 16GB 5C at $99 and 32GB 5C at $199 – all with a two-year contract, of course.

For those who want the latest tech more than bright colors, the iPhone 5S is the upgrade to look for.


Available in shiny but sedate silver, gold, and “space gray” aluminum, the 5S incorporates the first 64-bit mobile processor, the A7. There’s a dual LED flash with “True Tone” that adjusts the color temperature of the flash to maintain realistic coloring in your photos.

A new M7 motion co-processor handles data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass, using much less power than the main CPU would. All in all, the battery is supposed to last 10 hours in 3G talk time or LTE browsing, 40 hours music playback, or 250 hours standby. With all that, Apple claims that CPU performance is 40 times that of the original 2007 iPhone, and graphics performance is 56 times greater.

The camera has also been updated – not with more pixels, but with bigger pixels. The larger 8-megapixel sensor gathers more light, so pictures should be more true-to-life without the grain and fuzz of more megapixels. The f/2.2 aperture lens brings in even more light. There’s a burst shooting mode for up to 10 frames per second, and a slow-motion video mode for 120fps 720p HD video recording.

Finally, the 5S incorporates a fingerprint sensor right into the home button. Through its Touch ID system, the user’s fingerprint can unlock the screen and approve purchases from iTunes.

There are three versions of the iPhone 5S offered, all with two-year contracts:

Apple iPhone 5s

  • 16GB: $199
  • 32GB: $299
  • 64GB: $399

Both the new phones feature iOS 7, with flatter user interface, greater Maps integration, iTunes Radio, and AirDrop file sharing. At the announcement event, Apple CEO Tim Cook also announced that the iWork productivity suite, along with iPhoto and iMovie, would be available for free download with new iPhones and iPads running iOS 7.

What do you think of the new hardware? Does it inspire you to create even newer and more advanced apps? Let us know in the comments!

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Smart TV & Interactive apps – A Smarter Way to Advertise

Since our last blog post, “Understanding the Samsung Smart Hub TV App Market”, Samsung has noted there is an average annual sale growth rate of 90%. The TV allows consumers to stream music and video, participate in video chats, and access the web from the comfort of their couches. With this new industry there opens new doors for marketers to reach consumers in unique ways.

Time TV - Smart TV Apps

One of the most effective ways to reach and engage a target audience is to develop applications that act as interactive advertisements. It was discovered in a study by Parks Associates that 80% of Smart TV owners regularly use apps. By providing a platform that displays your products and services, engages a consumer, and provides the consumer an option to purchase, Smart TV reduces the steps and different avenues a consumer has to make to reach the point of purchase.

With thousands of mobile applications available on numerous Smart TV platforms, you need to make your advertisement a step ahead of the crowd. Below are a few examples of successful branded apps currently available on the Samsung Smart TV.

First, consider an app developed by Time Magazine. They wanted an extension of their magazine on the small screen and released Time TV. This application allows consumers to view articles and advertisements as they would in the print magazine, but can access all this information while watching television. This extension allows Time to promote their brand, and advertisers branding in a new medium.

Red Bull TV Smart TV App Development ServicesAnother example of a branded Smart TV app is Red Bull TV. This app is promoted and advertised by Red Bull drinks, but provides sports and culture coverage. The application focuses on reaching the sports crowd and once they are interacting with the app, pushes branding and advertising regarding Red Bull energy drinks. This application delivers its target audience the content they desire, while providing them avenues to purchase and view the latest products Red Bull has to offer.

Our final example is the app developed by Marks & Spencer. The app was developed to allow viewers to browse through tips on lifestyle, food, fashion, and technology. The app connects consumers to products and allows them to purchase the latest trends with the click of their remote control. Marks & Spencer along with Samsung have noted that with the emergence of interactive media, grabbing a viewer’s attention through innovative means has become essential.

Apps and Smart TVs are sure to become more integrated as the platform matures. As the demand grows for this platform, marketing and advertising has to be compelling, creative, and engaging if it hopes to get the most out of its audience. If you are you considering developing Smart TV apps for your business, call (603) 881-9200 or email us to speak with our experts about your idea!

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