3 Big Challenges of Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is a step-by-step approach that follows specific guidelines to complete a project within the stipulated time frame, budget, and scope. The project planning involves gathering client requirements, and confirming the functionalities and features to be incorporated in the app. Often, deployment and marketing strategies are also discussed with the client, because the very design and operation of the app has a profound effect on its popularity and effectiveness.Mobile application development

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What Can Flappy Bird Teach Us About Game Development?

Flappy Bird, we hardly knew ye.True Story of Flappy Bird

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Mobile Games vs. Handheld Games: Who Will Dominate the Market?

The year 2013 was one for the books in the continuously evolving gaming market. At the start of the year the revenue from handheld gaming consoles outshined both Android and iOS mobile games and looked as though numbers would be remaining steady. Sadly for leading companies such as Nintendo and Sony, towards the end of 2013, apps such as Candy Crush Saga and Temple Run left them in the dust, according to an App Annie report.App Annie Index - 2013 Retrospective

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Android Development vs. iPhone Development: Which Costs Less?

One of the most common questions we hear is, “How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?” While the answer always depends on a number of factors relating to functionality and design, the selected platform has some influence.Develop Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

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Small Business Expo Draws Huge Interest in App Development

Randy Peterson and I are on our way back from the Small Business Expo in chilly Miami Beach. Chilly is a relative term, of course - it's still a good 20 degrees hotter here than even the balmy weather New Hampshire's been seeing.Small business expo 2014

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