Conference will focus on PR strategies for Biotech industry.

Mobile Application Developer Zco Corporation will sponsor and exhibit at the 2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Public Relations and Corporate Communications Conference. The event will be held at the Boston Omni Parker House January 24 through 25.

Image of Medical Prescriptions Tablets Directors and Managers of Public Affairs within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries will be in attendance, along with experts in business development, media, and communications.  Throughout the conference, 16 speakers representing 13 biotechnology companies will present material in support of instituting a more efficient communication system.

Representatives from Zco Corporation will be available to discuss the effectiveness of mobile applications and animations in medical and pharmaceutical industries. Utilizing enterprise software has been shown to improve communication between co-workers, clients and patients alike. Ernst and Young reported that pharmaceutical investments in apps, social media, and wireless devices have grown 78% since 2010. Mobile applications can alleviate the complications of some procedures by turning an unpleasant task, such as giving a child a shot, into a game or animated video aimed at entertaining the patient.

Similarly, developing applications for medical professionals or students can assist them in providing exceptional healthcare. An example of this is utilizing 3D animation to make medical or surgical training a more engaging and memorable process.

The utilization of mobile apps in the pharmaceutical industry is on the rise. According to mHealth Watch, half of physicians who own a smartphone utilize drug reference applications. A study produced by Digitas Health shows that 40% of HCPs are interested in applications that can show images, video, or additional information to their patients.

Throughout the program, attendees will have opportunities to learn from experts in the industry and share their experiences and successes. Items on the agenda including keynotes, round-table discussions, breakout sessions, and case-study presentations focused on best practices for establishing effective communication efforts in an ever-changing market.

A communication strategy can include promoting social media and the distribution of press releases. Tutorials on how to effectively employ both mediums of communication will be thoroughly discussed over the course of the event.  Additionally, the Pharmaceutical Conference will explore the most successful methods of tapping into the emerging market outside of the United States.

The event will also serve as an opportunity for attendees to reach out to others in the field. According to the conference website, business models and strategies will be the likely talking points during networking sessions.

The 2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Public Relations and Corporate Communications Conference is presented by Q1 Productions.

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