Guest post written by Celina from the Cartoon Network.

The introduction of the smartphone brought mobile technology to the masses. Although PDAs, BlackBerrys, and 2-way Zco AgRacer App enjoyed by a visitorpagers may have been initially exclusive to adults, particularly businesspeople, the expanse of mobile technology has also expanded the general user base to include all ages, genders, and backgrounds. This is particularly true of mobile gamers. A study by Flurry Analytics shows that 43% of all time spent on mobile apps is in games.

According to a study by the NPD Group, children ages 4-14 are more likely to be found using a mobile device than a laptop. The study shows that nearly 40% of all children ages 4-5 are actively using a smartphone, iPod Touch or a tablet. What are they using them for? Ipsos MediaCT says that 54% children between the ages of 6 and 12 are using mobile devices to play games.

It’s no wonder why average daily mobile usage is quickly catching up to daily TV consumption: convenience. The point of a mobile device is that it is available anytime, anywhere. This gives children the opportunity to use them at home, at school, before bed, and any other time they wish.

A Social Experience

Other than providing an outlet for playing games at any time and place, mobile technology lets children play with or against each other. With access to a Wi-Fi or cellular network, kids can share scores and challenge each other without having to take over the family laptop or desktop computer.

For mobile developers, the increase of children playing mobile games is great news. The widespread usage creates a larger demand for mobile games, while also training a new generation to interact though mobile technology more often, ensuring a future demand for mobile entertainment.

Despite there being a vast array of games geared toward a younger audience currently in the app store, the demand shows no sign of slowing. Developers looking to be a part of the future demand of mobile gamers should act now and make their app idea a reality.

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