COURTNEY: Hi, I’m Courtney with Zco Corporation. Today I’m pleased to introduce our guest Tim Schoenberg. Tim is here all the way from North Pole, Alaska. Tim teamed up with Zco in designing an application called Work Shop. Tim, would you mind telling us a little bit about what Zco has done for you?

TIM: Well thank you Courtney. Initially when I was looking for a company to assist us in developing our app, a friend of mine who works at the University in Alaska gave me a couple of names to research. Uniquely I called a couple of companies and I didn't get a response. So I called Zco, and right from the beginning I could tell right off the bat. It wasn’t the word Zco that caught my eye; it was actually the team behind it. Zco assisted me in the ability to develop the application Work Shop from A to Z, from the start right through the finish, assisting me in all phases, right through the phases of the building process and some of the more confusing areas. They stood beside me and helped me develop it.

COURTNEY: Tim, would you mind sharing with us what your application, which is called Work Shop, can do?

TIM: Yes, Courtney, and thank you. Work Shop is an exceptional application from the handyman to the contractor. Courtney, I think you’ll agree if you've ever gone to the building supply store, picked out the products you needed, just to stand in line. Not anymore! Work Shop’s gonna move you to the front of the line and here's how we're gonna do it.

Work Shop has over ten thousand products in its database. From that database you make your order. You select the products you need and the application will take care of the rest. Work Shop will send that order to the vendor. The vendor then, based on your request, will either deliver the products or have them ready for you to pick up.

And one more thing: we want to get the best price in town. And here's how we do it - we take that same order and we send it out to multiple vendors. Now the vendors are competing for your business. They send the information back to you with their prices, you pick the best price in town, and Work Shop takes care of the rest.

COURTNEY: Thank You Tim, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you.

TIM: Thank you.

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