Who said women didn’t understand technology? On January 30th, twenty-two young women from Immaculate Conception Academy will compete in the Technovation Challenge. This is a ten-week Android application development competition.  These young ladies will head to the San Francisco Microsoft office where they will work with other women currently in the technology field.  They will learn to build an Android app using AppInventor which is a program developed by Google.  This program started in 2010 and it's meant to inspire and educate young ladies in the computer science and technology fields.  It is meant to give them confidence with the latest technology so they can go on and pursue rewarding careers.  The winners could potentially have their apps put out on the Android Market.  This is truly an amazing experience and a great opportunity for women interested in the future of technology. Best of luck to those competing! Have you ever competed in a technology competition? Tell Zco about it!

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