Wireless phone chargers
Nokia Lumia 920 with wireless charging pad

According to a report from Pike Research, the annual market for wireless power for mobile devices will reach $5 billion by the year 2020.

Wireless chargers deliver power via induction when a compatible device is placed on or near them. Compatible devices must contain a chip that recognizes one of the competing standards for wireless power.

“The barriers to adoption for wireless power are lifting, and it’s clear that this is an environmentally friendly set of technologies that, before the end of the decade, could contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions and embedded energy used to produce, ship, and dispose of conventional charging equipment,” said research director Eric Woods of Pike Research.  “Wireless power will become a ubiquitous form of charging in many applications.”

Information Age reported that while 3.74 million wireless power systems for mobile devices would be shipped this year, that number would approximately triple to 11.87 million next year and increase to 27.63 million in 2016, Pike Research projected.

The report also predicted a total market for wireless power, not limited to mobile devices, of $15 billion in 2020.

Only a few mobile devices currently ship with wireless charging capability built in. Accessory cases or battery doors are available for some smartphones that enable wireless charging.

In a story on wireless power last week, CNet said that Verizon Wireless was pushing the technology, to the point of asking phone manufacturers to build it into handsets. HTC, for one, said it had added wireless charging capability at Verizon Wireless’s request.

CNet also said that conflicting standards could delay adoption of wireless charging. The Qi standard is run by the Wireless Power Consortium and counts Verizon Wireless and many phone makers as members, while the rival Power Matters Alliance includes Duracell’s Powermat product and locations where charging pads have already been installed, such as Starbucks locations and General Motors vehicles.

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