On October 11th 2010, Microsoft launched their new smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 7. With a steadily declining grasp on the smartphone market, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 enters the mobile sphere as an underdog to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android phones.

The future of Windows Phone 7 relies heavily on app developers. Windows is  competing with Apple’s 300,000+ apps and Google’s 100,000+. In order to gain success, Windows Phone 7 will need to entice cell phone users with some great apps. For app developers this is an ideal time to jump on this platform. The Windows Phone 7 launch offered a slim number of only 1,000 apps!

Windows Phone 7 App DevelopersUPDATE 8/9/2012

The Windows Phone Marketplace has now published more than 100,000 apps, but iPhone and Android apps have been climbing as well. Both Apple and Google claim more than half a million apps in their respective stores, iTunes and Play.

Part of the jump in available apps is due to excitement over the next version of Windows Phone, due in October 2012. Microsoft has also been incentivizing the creation of apps with cash, and has updated the Windows Phone Dev Center to better support programmers. It now supports PayPal, so developers can collect money from app sales online.

Other updates to the Dev Center include a more streamlined design, more options for setting price and usage policy by geographic region, support for thousands of beta testers for each app, and more detailed reports of how apps are used. In-app purchasing will be added in the next release, so app users can buy things within apps.

All the changes are detailed in a post on the Windows Team Blog.

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