Microsoft has assured the public that they will not have to wait too much longer to use Windows 8. They have confirmed the date of which the trial version will be available for anyone who wants to download the newest version.

The event will be held in Barcelona, Spain, on February 29 for the official launch of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The location of this release is tied to the World Mobile Congress. This shows that Microsoft is serious about presenting Windows 8 as a mobile operating system.

The only catch with this preview is there will likely be a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. It has been made clear that this version will be beta software. Microsoft does warn users about unfinished products, and advises only users with advanced knowledge should try unfinished products.

The design of Windows 8 takes design elements from Windows Phone 7. This design makes it much more tablet friendly, and it is obvious that is exactly what Microsoft is counting on to become a contender in the tablet market.

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