A vital piece of the video production puzzle is the video editing. Video editing is where you compile all the video that was shot and bring it into a video editing program. There are a number of programs available, ranging from professional programs such as Avid and Final cut, to consumer programs like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. In any case, this is the phase of video production where you tell a story that will trigger some sort of emotion or reaction.

Before you make the leap into your video editing endeavor it’s important to consider how you will organize your clips. If you have a lot of footage, you’ll want to be sure everything is labeled in a way that will make sense to the editor. Most programs will allow you to store clips in bins or folders which provides an additional way to organize clips where you can find them. It will be a tremendous help to your video editing if you also know where raw clip data and audio is stored on your computer in case something goes wrong or you want to move to a different computer. Any good editing program will allow you to select where you want to save raw file data within a preferences menu.

Quite possibly the best part of modern day video editing is the non-linear nature of working in digital. This means that if you make a mistake, you can always fall back on the original, or raw data. If you cut a clip up, and then decide you don’t like the direction it’s going, you’ll be able to start over from scratch as many times as you like. If you make a mistake, you can always undo your most recent edits.

You can always improve your video editing in a number of ways, included right inside the editing program. Often times it’s important to use what’s called a “transition” between shots. This could be a fade up from black at the beginning of your video, a dissolve between two clips that might otherwise have a jarring effect if they just cut between each other, or a wipe effect such as the ever popular clock wipe: perfect for indicating the passage of time. Quite often it’s a good idea to add color correction effects to fix any colors or over exposed areas in your video. There are a staggering number of ways to improve your video, and with the better consumer level video editing software and of course professional level, you can create some cool effects.

Ultimately, video editing is about telling a story. Whether it’s a client project, or footage from a family event, the goal is to create a compelling and memorable video production.

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