The Verizon Smartphone App Pack features a plethora of app options all rolled into one. Verizon Wireless has released the world’s first official app pack created by a wireless carrier. It includes Verizon Video, VZ Navigator, Visual Voicemail, Usage Controls, a Ringback Tones subscription, and NFL Mobile Premium. It’s the perfect package for a Verizon customer looking to get the most from their smartphone.Verizon Wireless app pack


Not sure whether you’re ready to download it? Take a look at the apps you could be using:

  • Verizon Video lets you access full episodes of shows like “Glee” and “The Office” as well as music and live sports. A subscription without the Verizon Smartphone App Pack is $3 per day or $10 per month.
  • VZ Navigator includes premium voice navigation and maps with 3D graphics. Your routes will take traffic and incidents into account. You can also make location-specific inquiries about gas prices, weather or movies and get results. It’s $9.99 per month without the Verizon Smartphone App Pack.
  • Visual Voicemail gets rid of annoying voicemail calls by creating a text interface that allows you to choose which voicemail to listen to, erase, save or respond to messages without a phone call. It costs $2.99 per month.
  • Usage Controls lets you control how phones on your plan are used, even if you don’t have access to the handset. It is a useful parental control for parents concerned about texting and app purchases. For example, you can decide when people can use services and who they communicate with. You can also set text messaging and data limits. This app costs $4.99 per month.
  • Ringback Tones allow people who call you to listen to a song instead of the traditional phone ringer. A subscription is usually .99 cents per month and includes a default ringback tone. Additional downloads will still cost $1.99.
  • NFL Mobile Premium connects you to the sports you love live when you’re on the go. It’s usually $10 per month for premium content that includes live streaming through VCAST.

The total cost of all six apps without buying the Smartphone App Pack is $38.96. The total savings with all six apps is $25.97. Most iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones through Verizon are supported. The App Pack is only $12.99 per month. You can add it from My Verizon online, by dialing 611 from your handset, or by visiting a Verizon Store near you.

Update, May 22, 2012: The limited-time Verizon Smartphone App Pack offer is no longer available.

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