After years of anticipation Verizon has finally set a date in which the iPhone will be available in their stores, February 10, 2010.  Expanding from the AT&T network will give Apple a much better competitive edge on Android. AT&T will fight to hold onto their current iPhone customers, charging a $325 early contract termination fee, plus $10 for every month already completed on the contract.

Verizon will offer the same price as AT&T in regard to the cost of the iPhone, $199.99 16GB or $299.99 32GB.  Verizon has a great reputation for wireless quality and has released statements confirming their mobile network is ready for the onset of data heavy iPhone customers. AT&T is in for some serious competition. The Verizon pick up is also great news for app developers, since it is anticipated there will be a serge of new iPhone users which will undoubtedly increase the amount of app downloads over the next several months.

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