Just last week my mother said, “I want to surprise your dad with a tablet for exceptionally thoughtful and sweet, is rather Tablet survey resultscomical. My father is not technically savvy, nor does he have an interest in emerging mobile technology. I thought, I don’t even think my dad knows what a tablet is!

My mother’s statement, I realized, is a testament to the underlying consumer interest in the tablet across all age groups. The tablets’ popularity among high school and college students has been abundantly clear, and not at all unexpected. Now, however, data shows the tablet intriguing all walks of life. A recent survey from Samsung confirms this fact.

Kelton Research reports in a national survey that 90% of consumers either own a tablet or are considering buying one. More than half of the people surveyed also stated they’d utilize the device for e-books, streaming movies and TV shows and for gaming; 44% also stated they’d use the tablet to take pictures.

The question to ask now is whether or not this growing interest will translate into increased revenue as more vendors are putting skin in the game and new tablets are rapidly hitting the market. At least sales will be up one unit after Father’s Day - thanks to my mother.

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