Meeting Mapper has been named one of “10 Mobile Apps To Make Your Business More Productive in 2013” by Forbes magazine.

Meeting Mapper

The article was written by David K. Williams, CEO of Fishbowl. He praised Meeting Mapper as “an intuitive and elegant application for iPads that makes it easy to gather up and ‘map’ (thus the name) the information you need for truly successful meetings.”

Meeting Mapper’s main screen shows a graphical representation of a conference table, surrounded by participants in a meeting. Participants are color coded by their “stance,” or opinion on the topic at hand. The user of Meeting Mapper can edit each participant’s stance and role to fit the situation.

The app also has several fields for entering detailed information about each meeting. Goals and Objectives reside alongside the main screen, and detailed meeting notes can be entered while the meeting is proceeding. Detailed participant data can be stored in the app’s Contacts database for use in future meetings.

All the information generated in a Meeting Mapper session can be analyzed and shared with other attendees. A comprehensive, fully formatted report of each meeting is automatically created and can be uploaded to any CRM application as an attachment and e-mailed to others in PDF format. Users can also create action items or next steps and automatically schedule them within the app.

“The idea for Meeting Mapper stems from my 15 years as a sales executive and project manager and the challenge that exists with keeping notes and follow-up organized,” said Travis Davis, President of Point N Time Software, in a press release when Meeting Mapper was originally released. “These apps solve that problem by giving users the ability to easily disseminate and recall what happened during meetings on your mobile device.”

Meeting Mapper was developed for Point N Time Software by the one of the world’s largest mobile app developers, Zco Corporation. It is available in the iTunes App Store for $6.99. A Lite version for iPhone is also available for free. A version for use with, called Meeting Mapper Fierce, is available at the Salesforce AppExchange.

About the Developer
Zco Corporation, founded in 1989 and headquartered in Nashua, NH, is one of the largest mobile application developers in the world. Zco has experience creating custom mobile applications, enterprise applications, 3D animation, and augmented reality on various platforms like – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, and HTML5. As an expert in the industry, Zco strives to be on the forefront of mobile app development and creating custom applications for its clients.

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