The iPhone app provides multiple-choice-themed questions and connects friends

A new mobile app allows users to make and distribute poll questions to friends. TadPoll, the iPhone app, is now available for free in the iTunes App Store.

TadPoll Polling app for iPhoneThere are different types of polls. The basic “Yes/No” poll provides two possible answers. The “Custom” poll can range between two and four answers of up to 30 characters each. The “Photos” poll comprises between two and four photos, which can be marked as favorites by respondents. Finally, the “1-10” poll displays a slider that lets respondents react to a specific question.

Questions can consist of up to 140 characters. A fixed schedule can be set for each poll so that a poll expires at a certain date and time. It can be also sent to a limited group of friends alone, selected by the user. The Inbox feature provides a list of private messages and notifications highlighted for special attention. More votes can give better answers.

The app can import existing friends’ contacts from Facebook and iPhone. Polls can also be shared via Twitter, Facebook, and text message.

The creators of TadPoll noticed a void in the way people communicate on their mobile devices and formulated a better way to get answers quickly. "We found ourselves confined by existing messaging platforms. Providing a dedicated medium with templates for guiding the conversation was our answer and TadPoll was born," said David O'Kane. With the launch of TadPoll, anyone can instantly crowd-source answers to life's questions.

TadPoll was developed by Zco Corporation, one of the largest app developers in the world, for Concord Mobile LLC.

About Concord Mobile LLC

Concord Mobile is a technology company based in New York and was founded in 2012. The company has always focused on bringing innovative products and services to consumers globally. Its mission is to deliver robust applications with both practical functionality and outstanding entertainment value.

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