SWURB Reminder is a new app for iPhone and Android operating systems that lets users create location-­based reminders and alerts. SWURB utilizes global positioning system technology to register proximity to a location where a reminder should be prompted, such as a grocery store or pharmacy. The app then alerts the user that the location is nearby and displays a reminder to complete the task associated with that location. An example of a location based reminder could be, “You’re a block from the dry cleaners; don’t forget to pick up your clothes while you are nearby.”

 Reminders and lists in the app help users keep track of items to buy, people to meet  and the purpose for each alert. SWURB Reminder is different from other standard reminders and task lists because the alert is associated with a geographic location either instead of or in addition to a specific date and time.
SWURB Reminder App Offers Mobile Users Location-­Based Reminders

William Diversi, creator of SWURB Reminder, says, “SWURB is great for any personal and business reminders, appointments, shopping lists, meetings or just for finding a location in any city and much more. It’s fun and easy to use.”

SWURB Reminder features a simple interface with tabs that show which reminders are activated. The “Cities” tab shows every city the user has added to the app; multiple cities in countries all over the world can be added with just a few taps of the screen. Once a city is added, a user can tap the blue pinpoint icon on the navigation bar to view a map of that location. When the location is added, alerts associated with that location can be set. Reminders can be set by date. An alert can also trigger based solely on proximity. The alert function can be turned on and off for each location independent of other locations.

SWURB Reminder can alert users to pick up pot roast while near the grocery store or order new checks when driving by the bank, which eliminates extra driving and missed errands. Lists and itineraries can also be created within the SWURB Reminder app. A reminder set for a grocery store, for example, can include a list of all the items a user needs to purchase. A reminder set for a business can list the name and contact number of the person with whom a user wishes to speak with. Reminders and list items in each location are organized by whether the item is completed or pending.SWURB Reminder App lets users create location-­based reminders and alerts

There are three editions of SWURB Reminder. The free version includes one city and two locations, to give users a look at SWURB Reminder. The Standard version, at $1.99, gives users access to unlimited cities and locations. The Pro version, at $2.99, links directly to a user’s SWURB calendar, allowing SWURB Reminder to alert the user of a set errand or event.

The app is available for download from the iTunes and Google Play stores. Upgrades are also available within the free version of SWURB Reminder.

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