Unfortunately for most of us, stress and project management go hand-in-hand. Reaching milestones, managing deadlines, communicating with clients, and guiding a team can bring even the most committed and energetic professional to the brink. As the deadline rapidly approaches it may feel as if client changes, project hiccups, and budget problems will never cease. Thankfully, we live in a world where technology can be used to make project management run a bit smoother to alleviate stress. Here are four project management tools to use when you’re pressed for time.

Stress and Project Management


Don’t Waste Time with Emails

Searching through emails for a deadline, project detail, or client information can be a huge time waster. Flow eliminates the need for this. Flow can speed up progress through its actionable chat feature. Managers and team members can speak with each other through chat rooms and create a new project or task straight from the window without having to open another program or feature in the application. This prevents the need for email and enables project managers to create project tasks during conversations quickly.


Avoid Getting Lost in The Weeds

Trello is Pinterest for project managers. Users can create boards where workers are assigned cards (representing tasks). As workers complete various tasks, the cards are moved to boards depicting steps in the project process. Managers can easily and quickly see the progression of a project, and where workers are with their assigned tasks. If the system is set up correctly, managers in a crunch for time that need extra tasks completed can assign these duties quickly for help and support instead of sending numerous emails or having to reach out in person.


Keep Everything in One Place

Redbooth is another project management app that enables users to delegate tasks, instantly start projects, and create visual project timelines. However, what will make managers under a crunch happy with this tool is the file sharing option. Having to ask someone to email another document or photos is a significant time waster. Redbooth allows managers to share documents with workers on the platform quickly and can integrate with Google Drive and Dropbox for managers to easily grab the files they need to share with the group.


Track and Invoice Quickly

Need to pay freelancers or contractors and dreading the headache of counting up hours per project? Paymo is positioned to take the guesswork out of this process. Paymo allows managers and freelancers to keep track of their work time, note when they will be offline, and generate invoices immediately from the application. All the finances are kept with this system.

Wrap Up

There are so many moving parts during the project management process that stress is inevitable. The feeling of overwhelm that managers feel is more than understandable. However, if managers plan for hiccups ahead of time and use these tools to make critical processes easier, then projects can come to a smooth and successful conclusion.

Chanell Alexander

Chanell Alexander currently resides in Atlanta, GA. When she’s not traveling and trying new restaurants in the Metro Atlanta area, she writes about the latest technology and tools for TrustRadius.

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