When shoppers hit stores next week on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, a lot of them will be using mobile apps to compare prices, check product reviews, and learn more about what they’re buying.

Those are the conclusions of several studies released recently, reports Internet Retailer. They track with general trends about retail shopping and mobile usage.

Mobile apps for shopping


Shoppers Already Compare Prices

In the Placed Insights research cited by Internet Retailer, 43 percent of consumers plan to “showroom” while shopping. This practice of examining a product in person while comparing prices online might seem to disadvantage the brick-and-mortar retailer, but can just as often benefit a store. A better price elsewhere might still be less convenient than a product in hand, and knowing all options immediately can lead to a quicker purchase decision.

In addition, the research showed that 49 percent of consumers intend to use mobile devices to get coupons or discounts, 37 percent will retrieve product information, 32 percent will use a retailer’s app or site, 30 percent will get directions to a store, 28 percent will actually buy through their smartphone, and 24 percent will make or use a shopping list.

Other data from Usablenet indicated that 30 percent of U.S. and 40 percent of U.K. shoppers with smartphones regularly use them in stores. 71 percent of those U.S. and 66 percent of those U.K. shoppers compared prices, while 51 percent of those U.S. and 57 percent of those U.K. shoppers check reviews. Nearly half “would be receptive” to getting promotional messages while in-store.

How Stores and Brands Can Benefit

Direct purchase through a mobile app can be a quick way to convert a shopper into a buyer. A brand can take advantage of showrooming and still maintain a good relationship with brick-and-mortar stores by offering a price-matching coupon to its mobile app users who shop at authorized retailers. Brands can also contrast their product with other brands offered in the same store.

At the same time, retailers can offer deals to mobile users when they’re within a store by tapping into the location features of smartphones. An exclusive coupon, sale notification, or message about special services delivered at just the right time can convince a shopper to buy rather than go elsewhere.

Large and small companies alike can benefit from mobile engagement with their customers. To speak with an expert on mobile apps, call (603) 881-9200 or email us.

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