Video production is taking the world by storm. Videos have always been prominent in the television and movie industries.But now with YouTube and social networking advertisements it is becoming easier for smaller industries to develop a video. But what sort of video editing secrets should you be filled in on?

It is important that your video looks professional. This can be done one of two ways. Use a video editing service or believe it or not, if you have the right equipment you can edit a video yourself. Here are some programs you can use that are easy and make your footage come together in a top-notch manner.

Before you even start looking into a video editing service you have to make sure the proper tools are in place. By this I mean, you must have a good quality video camera, and more importantly a good shooter. The audio must be in great condition too before you even hit the editing room. The better quality sound and video you have before editing, the easier and better the final video product will be.

The easiest video editing software that can substantially satisfy you is iMovie. No, it is not the most professional tool to use, but certainly gets the job done. iMovie is found on Mac computers. It is very easy to understand and follow. You can add timing affects, text, and music. It already comes pre-loaded onto the computer however there are substantial upgrades you can purchase for additional effects and software. If you have a PC you are accessible to MovieMaker. In my personal opinion iMovie can give you more of what you are looking for, but if you want to build the movie yourself and don’t have access to a Mac, MovieMaker can certainly get the job done.

If you are sticking with a Mac and want to get a little more complex you need to look into Final Cut. Final Cut editing software is used often times with the big wigs. This software is so precise you won’t have to worry about jump cuts. This software will help you edit with confidence, whether you are on a deadline and must work fast or able to take your time. For those of you with a PC Avid editing software is just as good. Avid does take some time to get used to. I used Avid-editing software when putting together my news packages. Avid is very popular amongst professionals as well. Because both Final Cut and Avid are so professional and precise, they actually come with stickers to guide people on proper buttons. You can stick them on your keyboard (or their own personal keyboard) so editing becomes faster. Personally I would suggest investing in the stickers or the keyboard it comes along with. It is a lot easier to press a button versus moving your mouse all of the time. There are many short cuts that can cut time and stress because of these creative stickers/or keyboard.

If all else fails there are plenty of video editing companies that will take on your project but all of the above software can give you a top-notch video product. Best of luck!

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