The Eck App for iphone

Cheese. Mustard. Can of corn. Salad. What do these words have in common besides being types of food? Dennis Eckersley. The Hall of Fame pitcher and NESN commentator is never at a loss for words – partly because he makes up new definitions for them. With his signature mustache and hairstyle (just don't call it a mullet), Eckersley solidified his position as a valued member of Red Sox Nation when he filled in for NESN commentator Jerry Remy in 2009. But it's not just Red Sox fans who adore the blatantly honest analyst. Eckersley's regular MLB coverage on TBS has put him in the national spotlight.

Now, all of Eckersley's fans across the nation, including those who don't want to wait for the baseball season to get their fill of "Honest Eck," will be able to get a daily dose of Eckersley in the palm of their hands. The 'Eck App' for the iPhone allows users to sharpen their Eckersley vocabulary, play a trivia game featuring his colorful jargon as well as the ability to don Eckersley's unique and unforgettable mustache and coif. The app was produced in collaboration with Mobile App Developer Zco Corporation, Comedian Jimmy Dunn, Marketing Agency SaltWater Communications and Dennis Eckersley himself!

The app has three featured options: "Eck'ipedia," "What the Eck'?" and "Eck' Yourself."

The "Eck'ipedia" is a scrollable list of baseball terms as well as terms coined by the commentator, who spent 24 years pitching in the MLB. Users can select a word or phrase to learn its definition and history and can also play a sound byte from Eckersley.

Nationally known comedian Jimmy Dunn presents The Eck App

"What the Eck'?" is a trivia game where users can test how well they know Eckersley. Upon opening the game, an Eckersley bobble head appears. When a user shakes his or her iPhone, a 3-second bobble animation will appear and ask a question with three possible answers. If the user hits a streak, either getting multiple questions right or wrong, a sound byte praising or hazing the user may be triggered.

For fans of the seemingly unchanged Eckersley look, there is "Eck' Yourself." Fans can Eck' themselves or a friend by uploading a picture, and the app will add trademark aspects of Eckersley's look to the photo. The mustache. The hair. The hat – Eckersley is perhaps most known for playing on the Red Sox from 1978 to 1984 (he won a career-high 20 games in 1978) and on the Oakland A's from 1987 to 1995 (he posted a career-high and, at the time, league record of 51 saves in 1992). Users can choose from a red and blue hat or green and yellow one.

The Eck App is a user-friendly application for any fan or follower of Dennis Eckersley. The app features the hall of famer's look and lingo, allowing users to give photos Eckersley-inspired makeovers, sharpen their Eckersley vocabulary and test their knowledge of the famed pitcher. Go Eck Yourself today, on iTunes.

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