Non-profit organizations are slowly but surely becoming more technology based. Right now it is important for non-profits to consider mobile applications to help reach a higher community and longer lasting supporters.

It is understandable why non-profit organizations are hesitant to move to the latest mobile technology, because it certainly is not cheap in some cases, and non-profits are used to face-to-face interaction.

The benefits of having a mobile app for a non-profit organization are extremely high. Using a mobile app will help the organization become widely known. This will bring about the possibility of more donations and more nationwide interest and help. It will also help educate others about the mission of your institute.

How can a non-profit app be cost effective?
Non-profits work to raise money and provide support for others. There is no way to work around the fact that a mobile app will cost the organization money, however there is a cost effective way to go about it that may also become more profitable for the non-profit in the end. Non-profits communicate most often through flyers and brochures. It costs money to have them printed and mailed out. Nearly every non-profit does this. Why not cut the cost of the print and mailing and invest the time and money into a mobile app? It will help in the long run because once the non-profit app is made for the organization it is there forever, (or for however long it needs to be). The days of printing and sending brochures out in the mail will become few and far between.

Fundraising and events are a HUGE importance to the non-profit sector. With a non-profit mobile app the word of events and fundraising activities can spread to a larger audience faster. This can increase the organizations revenue as well as increase supporters. With both more money and more followers, the non-profit organization earns a bigger name, whether it be statewide, regionally, and possibly even nationwide.

It is important to remember; one, it does cost money to build an app. Two, it will probably cost to market the app as well to make sure the word gets out about it.

If the idea of mobile technology still doesn’t sound appealing, here is a non-profit organization that’s decided to take the technology route and their success is growing rapidly.

iPheedANeed- Is a free app created by Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. Their goal is to reduce local hunger by 25% within the next four years. They said that technology is playing a huge role in helping out. Their app has created a wide range of supporters. The information on their app shows updates in fundraising events as well as much more. It’s also used to raise awareness about hunger and how it affects people in Texas. They even created a clever game to go along with it.

Make more people focus on your non-profit mission with a mobile app that helps your organization meet its every need.

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