According to a report from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, 50 percent of U.S. adults own either a smartphone or a tablet. With many owning both, 44 percent own a smartphone and 22 percent own a tablet. Only 11 percent owned a tablet in a similar survey administered in 2011.

The report, called “Future of Mobile News,” focuses on the use of Internet access on mobile devices to consume news content. The study found that one third of all U.S. adults retrieves news on a smartphone or tablet at least once a week. Among tablet news users, 54 percent also consume news on a smartphone, 77 percent on a desktop or laptop, and 50 percent in print. In addition, 43 percent of tablet news users said that the tablet adds to the time they spend consuming news rather than simply replacing other sources.

Smartphone users

Moreover, 45 percent of all mobile news users said they consume news on a desktop or laptop daily, and 75 percent said they do so at least weekly. Getting news was found to be the second-most popular activity on both smartphones and tablets, beaten only by retrieving or sending e-mail. Other popular activities included playing games and using social networking sites.

The report also showed a dramatic shift in tablet ownership. In 2011, 81 percent of tablet-owning respondents to a Pew survey owned Apple iPads, while 15 percent owned Android tablets and 4 percent owned some other type of tablet. In the 2012 survey, only 52 percent of tablet owners had an iPad and the remaining 48 percent owned an Android tablet.

Among smartphones, 46 percent of respondents owned an Android device, 38 percent an iPhone, and 10 percent a BlackBerry.

The results in the report are based on a telephone survey of 9,513 adults, conducted June 29 through August 8, 2012.

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