If coffee shops, malls and the gym have lost their indoor-leisure charm, Artnear, an app for the iPhone and BlackBerry, offers an alternative.Artnear app to find nearby art exhibitions

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eRoentgen™ Radiology DX (pronounced: ē-Rent′-gen) provides physicians with a fast, efficient way to determine which radiology test is best for a given patient. By searching a large database of signs, symptoms and diagnoses, you can make quick and confident assessments as to which radiology exam is most appropriate. It has the following benefits:

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Pet Nanny gives pet owners an easy & fun way to manage pet responsibilities. Jim Jones of www.quigy.com announced today the release of a new iPhone app for animal lovers called Pet Nanny. Pet Nanny offers pet owners an easy and fun way to track their "parenting" responsibilities for the other members of the family. From veterinary appointments to birthdays to play dates, users can manage and share valuable and fun information about their furry friends.Pet Nanny iPhone app for animal lovers,

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