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JOHN: My name is John Forcucci. I’m Vice President for News and Digital Media at New Hampshire Public Radio.

New Hampshire Public Radio, like most digital media companies - and that's what we are nowadays - have been moving to get our news and programming onto mobile apps. We've teamed up with Zco Corporation of Hudson, New Hampshire to create what I think is one of the best iPhone apps for radio programs.

This iPhone app also works on the iPad and it's really been received very well by our audience. We found that we have several thousand people within the first few weeks of launching this app using this app not only from New Hampshire but from all around the world - places like Japan, Greece, Russia - and it's been a wonderful app.

We've gotten very very strong reviews, great comments back from the public, and we believe Zco has really helped us to launch our first foray onto mobile platforms, and to really make a strong statement that New Hampshire Public Radio is gonna be out there delivering our content in the best possible way on the iPhone, the iPad and more platforms to come.

BECKY: My name is Becky and I work at New Hampshire Public Radio and I am here to tell you how to use and download the new NHPR iPhone app.

To get to the New Hampshire Public Radio iPhone app, just go to the iTunes store to download it. It’s easy and it’s free. Once you download the app, you can click on the Listen Live button and now you can listen to NHPR and take it with you wherever you go, right in your pocket, or you can listen at your convenience with the On-Demand feature.

Click on the On-Demand button to access stories by topic or by program. For instance, click on the politics topic and you'll see a list of recent reports concerning politics. You can listen to any of NHPR’s programs like The Exchange, Word Of Mouth, or the Folk Show when it's convenient for you by clicking on the Programs tab.

Click on the News button to access recent news about New Hampshire or click on the National or International tabs to get stories from NPR. You can also click on the Donate button to contact NHPR to contribute or you can even send yourself an email to remind yourself to contribute later. We also provide an opportunity for our underwriters to sponsor NHPR through the iPhone app. Contact NHPR for more information. To learn more about NHPR, you can click on the About Us button.

The NHPR iPhone app was developed by Zco Corporation, mobile application development company.

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