LISA: Hi, this is Kelly Nowlin and I'm Lisa Gordon. We own a company called Catcher in the Sky, and when we decided we wanted to work on some mobile applications, we needed to find some technical help. We did a search and found there were about 8 companies that we wanted to take a bigger look at. One of them was Zco. They were the first one we looked at and when we left our first meeting with them we thought these guys were the ones, but because we were inexperienced we figured we'd better look at all the other seven and see what they had to offer.

After meeting with all the other companies we came right back to Zco. Right from the start they were collaborative with us and they had great ideas of how to make our applications even better than we thought they were to start with. They can work on multiple platforms and we really feel like they had a spirited interest in seeing us succeed.

KELLY: The process was really terrific with Zco as well. Our project manager Antony delivered us several different prototypes, which we could look at not only in a text format, but also download our prototype of the app on our iPhone and really play with it and work with it. We were able to deliver him specific feedback and they made the changes, any necessary changes that we requested, but they also came back to us and offered suggestions on how we could even enhance our app further, as Lisa mentioned, and it made a difference, it really made a difference.

The nice part is that we can continue our work with Zco. We want to expand our user base for this application and we want to get it out on BlackBerry, Android, and other mobile platforms, and Zco is going to be able to deliver that for us as well. So when you're forgetting somebody's name and you need a tool to help you remember that think of NameCatcher and when you're looking for a developer to develop any application on any platform remember Zco.

LISA: Let’s end with a lighthearted look at NameCatcher in action.

CHUCK: My name is Chuck and I’ve been suffering from “Hey Buddyitis” for most of my life.

MAN: Hey Chuck! Hey, we met at the biotech convention last week; I told you I was gonna stop by.

CHUCK: Hey, uh, Buddy! Hey…

TEACHER: Oh, hi Mr. Parker!

CHUCK: Hey Buddy!

TEACHER: I’m your daughter’s second grade teacher.


TEACHER: We met the first day of school.

“Hey Buddyitis” affects millions of people each year… But there is hope…

NARRATOR: Now there’s a cure for Hey Buddyitis: NameCatcher, the first mobile application of its kind designed to help you remember people’s names and avoid those awkward moments. Download it now from the iTunes App Store.

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