Mobile isn’t just creeping up to compete with the desktop PC world – it’s already a major force.

Only last week, Canalys estimated that just about as many tablets would ship in 2014 as desktops and laptops combined. Then on Tuesday, a report from International Data Corporation (IDC) projected that worldwide PC shipments would fall by 10.1 percent in 2013 over the previous year. IDC called the decline “by far the most severe yearly retraction on record.” A further decline of 3.8 percent was predicted for 2014.Mobile device statistics

“While IDC research finds that the PC still remains the primary computing device – for example, PCs are used more hours per day than tablets or phones – PC usage is nonetheless declining each year as more devices become available,” said IDC Senior Research Analyst Jay Chou. “And despite industry efforts, PC usage has not moved significantly beyond consumption and productivity tasks to differentiate PCs from other devices. As a result, PC lifespans continue to increase, thereby limiting market growth."

Perhaps even more telling, mobile shopping increased sharply this Cyber Monday over last year. Perhaps no one wanted to use office PCs to shop the first day back at work after Thanksgiving?

“Retailers catering to smartphone and tablet users benefited the most, with mobile traffic accounting for 32 percent of site visits, a 45 percent gain from a year earlier,” said a Bloomberg report using IBM data. The report also indicated that more than 17 percent of online purchases were driven by mobile devices on Cyber Monday.

The stats are generally in line with recent studies about Black Friday shopping. Even if a purchase is not made directly on a smartphone or tablet, many consumers use mobile devices to get coupons or discounts, compare prices, get product information, and access a retailer’s site or app.

How did you shop on Cyber Monday? Are you using PCs less in favor of mobile devices? Let us know in the comments!

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